Regarding the Beijing Olympics next winter, a spokesman for the White House in the United States emphasized that he had "never talked about boycotts with his allies," and the situation calmed down as the state department spokesman's remarks about the possibility of boycotts spread. It is a form that aims to be transformed.

"America's position hasn't changed. I haven't talked about boycotts with my allies, and I'm still not talking about it," White House spokeswoman Saki said at a press conference yesterday about attending the Beijing Olympics next winter. He emphasized that there was no change in the policy of participation and that there is no discussion over the Boycott at this time.

He said, "We will work with each country to deal with concerns about China's actions," and explained that there is no change in the policy of cooperating with allies to deal with China's human rights issues related to the Uighurs.

Regarding participation in the Beijing Olympics, on the 6th of the previous day, State Department spokesman Price said at a press conference that he would not rule out the option of boycotting with allies.

In response to this, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs rebelled, and the USOPC = US Olympic and Paralympic Committee expressed opposition to the boycott in the United States, and the ripples were spreading.

The White House is trying to calm the situation by emphasizing that boycott is not being discussed at this time.