The center welcomes 500 people per day for its start-up and will be able to take care of up to 1,500.


E.Provenzano / 20 Minutes

  • A giant vaccination center opened this Thursday at the Parc des Expositions de Bordeaux Lac.

  • It should allow up to 1,500 injections to be carried out gradually per day.

  • Its organization was inspired by what was done in the Lyon area.

“I'm glad I did, I'm relieved and I'm waiting for the second injection.

I made the first possible appointment on Doctolib, I have a co-morbidity and my doctor advised me ”, reacts Kim, 52 years old, who lives in Bordeaux and hopes that the vaccination will make it possible to find soon“ a normal life ”.

She was one of the first patients to inaugurate the Bordeaux Exhibition Center, transformed into a gigantic Covid-19 vaccination center.

Vaccination is organized in boxes installed inside the exhibition center.

- E.Provenzano / 20 Minutes

The regional health agency (ARS) ensures that all the slots open for the next few days have been taken but in the aisles, we see very few patients.

"It is an objective that there is no waiting, that it is a very fluid march forward," comments Bénédicte Motte, departmental director of Gironde at ARS Nouvelle Aquitaine.

We have planned a gradual increase in load: two days at 500, one week at 750 and then we go up to 1,000.

"Philippe Bouvard, chief physician of the departmental fire and rescue service confirms that the center will be able to accommodate up to 1,500 patients.

Facilitate vaccination

“The objective is to secure the operation by guaranteeing primary vaccinations, if we go too quickly to the high level of capacity of the center, we will stop after four weeks, points Bénédicte Motte.

However, the second injection is done after a month.

The idea with these mega-centers which are opening all over France is to speed up vaccination.

"At the Parc des Expositions, there is a practical side, you can come by car it is perhaps easier than on the sites of the CHU", estimates Yann Bubien, director of the Bordeaux University Hospital, in charge of logistics on the site.

For three months, the CHU has been vaccinating 1,000 people per day in its establishments.

For the organization of vaccination at the Parc des Expositions, set up in just 30 days, the authorities took their example in Lyon.

"There is an almost Taylorist role sharing: some doctors supervise the vaccination, others inject the doses and the administrative staff receive and enter the data on vaccination by computer and deliver the certificate," explains the director of the ARS.

Our file on anti-Covid vaccination

In the region, the epidemic situation remains tense but under control.

“We deprogrammed a little bit but with tact and moderation to free up time for medical and paramedical staff so that they can go and help with resuscitation and covid services,” says Yann Bubien.

We are on a high plateau but we are not overwhelmed.

He assures us that only operations that could wait were delayed.

“I don't want any loss of opportunity in my hospital,” he added.


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Practical information

The vaccinodrome will be open seven days a week, 12 hours a day.

Appointments are made on the Doctolib platform.

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