United States: Authorities worried about 30% of Americans who do not want to be vaccinated

Mobile vaccination bus in Brooklyn, New York on April 7, 2021. REUTERS - SHANNON STAPLETON

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Almost 20% of the American population is already vaccinated against the coronavirus.

By April 19, there will be no further restrictions on access to the vaccine and all American adults will be eligible.

But according to a survey published on April 7, nearly a third of them are reluctant to be injected with the serum, which worries the authorities.


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With our correspondent in Washington


Anne Corpet

According to a poll conducted by public radio, 30% of Americans do not intend to be vaccinated.

The reasons given vary widely: mistrust of a product that has not been tested for several years, religious faith, or even belief in the craziest conspiracy theories.

36% of Republicans say they are reluctant, compared to 12% of Democrats.

Mistrust is also entrenched within the black community, which has not forgotten the disastrous experiments carried out in the past by doctors on African Americans.

And nearly 22% of Hispanics are also reluctant.


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A crucial issue for the country

To try to convince the population of the benefits of the vaccine, the authorities launched advertising campaigns, mobilized pastors and community leaders.

Some private companies are participating in this effort: in North Carolina, a sign promises to offer a free donut every day until the end of the year to anyone who presents their vaccination certificate.

The stakes are crucial: according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 70% to 80% of the population must be vaccinated to achieve collective immunity.


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