, Beijing, April 8th. According to the website of the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce issued on the 7th the "Opinions of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce on Supporting the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port to Relax Certain Special Measures for Market Access" (hereinafter referred to as "opinion").

The "Opinions" mentioned that it supports Hainan's unified planning, construction and operation of new-energy vehicle charging and replacement infrastructure, relaxing market access restrictions for 5G converged products and services, and promoting vehicle-road coordination and the application of unmanned driving technology.

  The "Opinions" mentioned that optimizing the market access environment for Hainan's commercial aerospace industry and promoting high-quality development.

Support the construction of an integrated and open Wenchang space launch site, build a world-class, market-oriented space launch site system, coordinate the construction of related measurement and control systems, ground systems, and application systems, and establish a construction management application model that meets the development characteristics of my country's international commercial aerospace industry .

Promote commercial aerospace industry chains such as satellite remote sensing, Beidou navigation, satellite communications, quantum satellites, chip design, launch vehicles, and measurement and control to land in Hainan.

Optimize the procedures for handling matters such as space launch declaration and space launch site coordination, and enhance the safety supervision capabilities of the production, storage, transportation and testing of launch vehicles, engines and related products.

Support the development of Beidou navigation international application demonstration in Hainan.

Support the establishment of a commercial aerospace development mixed ownership reform fund funded by social capital and market-oriented operation.

Encourage insurance institutions to carry out related insurance businesses in the aerospace sector under the premise of compliance with laws and regulations and under control of risks.

Support the international cooperation in the field of commercial satellites and payloads for production, education, research and use, and encourage the development of satellite data in international collaboration to develop applications and data sharing services.

Optimize the approval procedures for international cooperation in the fields of technology research and development, engineering development, system operation, and application promotion in the commercial aerospace field.

Formulate special preferential policies to attract high-end talents and innovative teams in the international commercial aerospace field, and establish an international exchange and training platform.

  The "Opinions" make it clear that the civil aviation industry will be relaxed.

Optimize the management of Hainan's civil airport, optimize the use of civil aviation security inspection equipment, and simplify the approval process for general aviation airport planning and construction.

In the field of general aviation, explore the establishment of a hierarchical and classified personnel qualification management mechanism and aircraft airworthiness technical standard system, simplify the approval process of flight training centers, civil aircraft pilot schools, and flight dispatcher training institutions, and meet the requirements of safety technology Minimize barriers to entry.

Support the application of new technologies such as 5G civil aviation safety communications, Beidou, and broadcast automatic surveillance in the fields of air traffic management and flight service guarantee.

Implement financial, taxation, and talent policy support, and encourage social capital to invest in general aviation, jet fuel protection, aircraft maintenance services and other fields.

  The "Opinions" mentioned that the access to the sports market will be relaxed.

Support the construction of a national sports training southern base and a provincial sports center in Hainan.

Support the creation of a national sports tourism demonstration zone, encourage the development of outdoor projects such as beach sports and water sports, and carry out relevant authorizations in accordance with procedures.

  The "Opinions" mentioned that the market access of Hainan's seed industry should be relaxed, and approvals should be simplified to promote the development of the seed industry.

Simplify the approval process for quality inspection agency qualifications and import and export licenses for crops, Chinese medicinal materials and other seeds, optimize and standardize the approval procedures for agricultural biotechnology research and testing, and encourage Hainan Province to conduct cooperative research with overseas institutions and experts in accordance with the law to further optimize The management method and application of the overseas introduction of superior agricultural and forestry germplasm, seedlings and other propagation materials.

  The "Opinions" clearly support Hainan's unified deployment of the construction and operation of charging and swapping infrastructure for new energy vehicles.

Support Hainan's unified planning, construction and operation of new-energy vehicle charging and replacement infrastructure, relax market access restrictions for 5G converged products and services, and promote vehicle-road collaboration and the application of unmanned driving technology.

Focus on speeding up the layout of fast charging and swapping facilities in service areas along arterial highways, promoting the construction of centralized charging and swapping facilities in urban areas, industrial parks, scenic spots and public service places parking lots, simplifying project filing procedures and planning and construction, and fire protection design review and acceptance. Examination and approval process to break down hidden barriers to market access.

Encourage relevant companies to carry out business model innovation demonstrations around the charging and replacement business, explore an inclusive and innovative prudential supervision system, and support and guide enterprises in related fields such as power grid companies, new energy vehicle production, battery manufacturing and operation, transportation, real estate, and property to follow market-oriented methods Establish investment, construction and operation companies, encourage innovative ways to carry out various types of business cooperation, and create a "one network" operation model across the island.

  The "Opinions" mentioned that optimizing the access environment to carry out pilot projects for the innovative development of rural tourism and leisure agriculture.

Select parts of Hainan Province, share and apply rural real estate registration data, and carry out pilot projects for rural tourism market access based on cities or counties. Relevant local people’s government organizations conduct research on towns and administrative villages that are suitable for rural tourism and leisure agriculture under the jurisdiction of the pilot area. Overall assessment, adhere to the collective ownership of rural land by farmers, and establish a rural tourism asset operation company in accordance with the principles of marketization.

On the basis of equal consultation and consensus, support the use of long-term leases, joint ventures, and shareholding of assets suitable for the development of rural tourism businesses such as homestays and farmhouses, and cooperate with operating companies to actively promote the development of idle farm houses and homesteads. For farmhouses, homestays and farmhouses are included in the relevant development planning for unified consideration, focusing on interaction and coordination with surrounding industries and rural construction, and supporting development.

Hainan Province unifies the service quality standards of farmhouses, unifies the service standards of homestays, and the competent departments of country homes unify the planning of the information management platform, the unified capability assessment and operation supervision.

Effectively safeguard the interests of farmers, resolutely put an end to the “one size fits all” overall development model that transforms villages into scenic spots, fully consider the interests of investors, operators, collective economic organizations, farmers and other parties, formulate specific pilot plans based on local conditions, and support collective economic organizations and farmers to rent , Participate in operations, dividends and other forms to obtain income.

Encourage various financial institutions to provide financial support to qualified operating companies in accordance with the principles of marketization, comprehensively improve the quality of rural tourism, and increase farmers' income.

Encourage insurance institutions to develop property insurance products to provide risk protection for the rural tourism industry.

Guide banks to increase support for the rural tourism industry in accordance with the principles of controllable risks and sustainable business, optimize business processes, and improve service efficiency.