Lille bars are selling their barrels to avoid throwing them away -

Mousse Touch '

  • This weekend in Lille, ten bars will be selling their beer barrels which are reaching their expiry date.

  • A take-away sale that will allow customers to benefit from lower prices on beer bottles.

Everything must disappear !

Closed since October 30, the bars no longer know what to do with the stocks lying around in their cellars.

While some products can still be stored, most beer kegs start to expire after six months of total shutdown.

So, rather than wait for a hypothetical date of reopening, ten bars in Lille have decided to organize this weekend of April 10 and 11 a major destocking of their barrels but also those of their regional suppliers.

“We work with local breweries that we often have on the phone at the moment.

It was found that many barrels reached their expiration date.

And once this date has passed, we no longer commit to the quality of the product.

So, to relieve the brasseries and bars, we decided to sell our barrels.

The idea is really to take positive action around bars by showing that we are still active, ”explains Bertrand Villert, founder of Mousse Touch ', a bar in Lille.

Two weeks maximum to consume the beer

A month ago this establishment in the Saint-Sauveur district had already tried the experiment.

Result: instead of the ten hoped for, a hundred barrels left in one weekend.

Faced with this dazzling success, the bar decided to renew the initiative by associating other beverage establishments.

And so that the beer keeps all its flavor and sparkle, the bars have joined forces with the Jean Bouteille company.

Thanks to the growler system, the company found a way to bottle the beer kegs into one-liter glass bottles.

Once sold, the bottle can be consumed within two weeks and brought back to the bar for deposit.

“All beers are returnable.

The deposit costs 1.50 euros that people recover if they bring the bottles back to us.

As for the beer, it is mainly local and sold between three and five euros per liter, ”explains Bertrand Villert.

And to be spoiled for choice, it is better to order online before picking up your drink in the bars involved in the operation.

A good opportunity also to review an open bar with a take-away sale before the hoped-for reunion for the summer with the full of barrels!


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