China News Service, April 8th. According to Kyodo News Agency of Japan, the number of new coronavirus infections in Japan exceeded 3,000 on the 7th.

This is another 3,000 people since January 30 when the emergency declaration was issued to 11 prefectures.

Among them, the epidemic situation in the Kansai region has increased sharply, the metropolitan area has deteriorated, and the "fourth wave" of the epidemic has become obvious throughout the country.

Data map: January 12, 2021, local time, Saitama Prefecture, Japan, a local private middle school entrance examination, the examination room classroom was set up with partitions due to the epidemic, and social distancing was maintained.

  According to reports, in Osaka, the number of new infections on April 7 was 878, a record high.

Osaka lifted its emergency declaration on March 1, but the number of infections has increased sharply since late March.

The number of new positives in one week totaled more than 4,000, which is more than four times that of two weeks ago.

The bed utilization rate for critically ill patients is 70.5%.

  Osaka Prefecture held a countermeasures headquarters meeting to raise the alert level of the original standard "Osaka Model" to the highest "red light", and issued a "Declaration of Medical Emergencies."

  In Tokyo, there were 555 new confirmed cases on April 7.

The Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) said that this number of infections set a new record since the second emergency declaration was lifted in March.

The last time the number of newly diagnosed people in Tokyo exceeded 500 in a single day was on February 6.

  The report pointed out that the epidemic in the Kansai area has increased sharply, and the metropolitan area has also shown a deteriorating trend.

The "fourth wave" of the epidemic has become apparent across the country.

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike stated on "key measures such as the prevention of spread": "It is at the stage of preparing to make a request to the central government."

  At the meeting of the Health and Labor Committee of the House of Representatives on the 7th, the chairman of the Japanese government’s COVID-19 response team, Shigeru Oo, emphasized that the key measures are “flexible and preemptive measures” and that they may also be discussed in the metropolitan area and Kyoto And Nara Prefecture.

He also pointed out that due to the highly infectious mutated new crown virus strain, the death toll in the "fourth wave" may exceed the "third wave."