The transfer deadline for the NHL season is next Monday, but the market started happening as early as Thursday morning when the Islanders and Devils announced the deal.

Kare Palmieri, 30, and Travis Zajac, 35, are moving from New Jersey to Islanders.

Traveling to the other direction is the first-round booking turn (2021), the four-round booking turn (2022), and AHL strikers AJ Greer and Mason Jobst.

The Devils retain half the salary of each veteran they trade.

Predicted as one of the hot names in the transfer line, Palmieri has been the Devils ’top scorer in four of the last five seasons.

Zajac, who has played more than a thousand NHL matches, has represented Devils throughout his 2006 NHL career.

Both are unlimited free agents after the season.

The Islanders, who reached the conference finals last season, are currently sharing the Eastern Division top spot with Washington, while the Devils have already lost their chances in the playoffs.

Islanders ’GM Lou Lamoriello wasn’t in deals with his old club for the first time.

At last season’s transfer limit, the Islanders acquired team captain Andy Green from the Devils.

The veteran defender still bones on the back lines of the Islanders.