With the approaching month of Ramadan, Iraqi production companies and TV channels are rushing to display their business sequences that will participate in this year's Ramadan race.

This year’s work is witnessing a qualitative leap with hot topics that have not been raised before, and included stories from reality, huge production budgets and the return of first-row stars after an absence, and includes more than 20 drama and comedy series, most notably “Surrogate Mother,” “Escape,” and “Joury.” , “Barwana”, “Catheter”, “Gut and Sapphire,” and “General Anesthesia” and others.

Surrogate mother

"Alternative Mother" is a joint Iraqi-Lebanese series written by Nada Emad Khalil and directed by David Oryan, and its events revolve around the wealthy Al-Warqi family that seeks to preserve its name and wealth. Ibn Al-Warqi marries his cousin, so it becomes clear later that she is unable to have children, so the lady of the palace makes her decision to fulfill a dream. the family.

The producer of the work, Aws Al-Sharqi, says that this series is a different experience in terms of production, directing and authorship, and he is proud of its production under these difficult circumstances due to the Corona pandemic, and proud of the efforts made by the staff in order to make it a success.

However, the pioneers of social networking sites traded the poster of the series "Alternative Mother" and compared it to the Turkish "Game of Fate" poster, where the similarity to the work poster was clearly shown.

It seems that the events of "surrogate mother" are adapted from the "game of destiny", which revolves around a married man and woman, namely Imran, who plays the role of Deniz, and Begum Katk, as Dima, they love each other very much, but Dima is sterile and does not give birth, amid the demands of the Omran family and Love Dima by becoming a mother.

"Alternative Mother" is a social drama starring the Iraqi star Hind Kamel returning to the drama scene after a break. The stars Abbas Kamel, Alexander Alum, and Marwa Karam coming from the world of presentation, and others.

Adel Abbas embodies the character of Nabil Al-Warqi in the series "An Alternative Mother" (Al-Jazeera)

Star Adel Abbas tells Al-Jazeera Net about his role in the series "Alternative Mother" that he embodies the character of Nabil Al-Warqi, a wealthy businessman who cares about his work and his private affairs, leaving the management of his home affairs to his wife, who is chased by his bad history wherever he goes.

Back to the 1970s

As for the series "Joury", directed by Ali Abbas and written by Dr. Ahmed Othman, and starring Basem Al-Tayeb and Alaa Najm, it dates back to the 1970s, with filming locations specially prepared for this period of time, in addition to paying attention to the smallest details of clothes and accessories, in an atmosphere not seen in Iraqi drama for quite some time.

There is also the comedy series "Qatrah", which witnesses the return of director Soran Ali Sharif, written by Hussein Al-Najjar and with the participation of a group of Iraqi comedians, most notably Ihssan Daadoush, Saad Khalifa, Zuhair Muhammad Rashid and Nasma.

Ruby and sapphire

The series "Qoot and Yaqoot" witnesses the return of the Iraqi star known as Batoul Aziz after a long absence, in addition to the star Alaa Hussein and Sanan Al-Azzawi, directed by the Jordanian artist Ayman Nasser Al-Din, with a large group of stars, whose number exceeded 150 representatives and actresses.

The series was filmed in various locations, including luxurious homes, universities, hospitals, schools and prisons, in addition to the marshes of southern Iraq, and summarizes "the story of the struggle against dictatorship that turns a family's story into a people’s story," according to its writer, Sabah Atwan.

Alaa Hussein embodies the role of the wife of Baraq, the commander of the armored division in the nineties of the last century. As for the artist Batoul Aziz, she says about her role that she represents the character of Miqat, the good person who stands next to Baraq's wife and supports her.

As for the series "Taiba", it revolves around a young woman from a poor family who convinces her father of the necessity to join the university. She is surprised by a new world she has not seen before and falls in love with Ammar, the wealthy and handsome young man.

The character "good" embodies the actress Hind Nizar, while Tamim Al-Tamimi plays the role of Ammar in his first absolute championship, and the well-known Iraqi artist Samar Muhammad participates in the role of Suad.

Hind Nizar describes the "good" character as a model found in many Iraqi families, and says that the character provoked her as she read some of her scenes because it expresses the suffering of many girls in Iraqi society.

The series "Escape" deals with ISIS's control of large parts of Iraq and the state of chaos it has caused (communication sites)

Theme of the state organization

The series "Escape" is witnessing the return of the artist, Miqdad Abdel Reda, after a long absence, with the participation of the stars Sami Kaftan, Inas Talib and Samar Muhammad, and the work is written by Alaa Al-Faris and directed by Amjad Zankana.

The events of the series revolve around the control of ISIS over large parts of the country and the state of chaos and confusion that it caused at the time.

And about her role in the series, the star Samar Muhammad says that she plays the role of Umm Asim, the widow who tries to protect her family with the entry of the Islamic State to Mosul.

The "Watan Mask" team finished days before filming the second part to participate in the Ramadan Marathon this year, starring the star Iyad Radi with a group of artists, directed by Mustafa Hikmat, and discusses social issues in a comedic dramatic style.

It is noteworthy that the last episode of the first part, which was shown last Ramadan, achieved the highest viewership, exceeding 14,550 million.

After his absence from the last Ramadan season, the artist Ihssan Daadoush returns this year with 3 works, which are "Schengen Sons" by Soran Ali, the cartoon series "Al-Fashafeesh" directed by Muhannad Abu Khumra, and the second part of the comedy series "Hamid Helou" by Osama Al-Sharqi.

Theatrical artist Issam Al-Shammari says that the Iraqi drama is trying to rise again with the huge budgets allocated to series and the return of some major Iraqi stars to the screen after a long absence, and the month of Ramadan is full of many dramas at the level of Iraq and the Arab world.