China News Service, April 8th. According to US media reports, on the 7th local time, the trial of the former Minneapolis police officer Xiaowan who was accused of killing George Floyd entered the eighth day.

Experts in the use of force by the police testified that Xiao Wan used unnecessary "lethal force."

  On April 7, local time, the Los Angeles Police Department’s expert on the use of force, Stig testified that Xiao Wan, without using force, pressed Floyd’s neck and back with his knees for more than 9 minutes and used “fatal” force".

  Stig said that the pressure on the back of Freud's neck caused by Chauvan's weight may have caused potentially fatal "positional asphyxia."

He said that the danger of suffocation has been known to law enforcement agencies for at least 20 years.

On March 9, local time, a citizen of Brooklyn, New York, USA walked past the portrait of Freud.

On the same day, the trial of former policeman Derek Chauvin in the US Freud murder case "kneeling" law enforcement officially began in Hennepin County Court in Minnesota.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Liao Pan

  Stig also claimed that Freud was in a prone position and did not resist.

"He was handcuffed, he didn't try to escape, he didn't try to resist."

  He emphasized that Xiao Wan “should not use force” because three police officers have restrained Freud, and two other police officers are standing by.

  In addition, Stig pointed out that the crowd of onlookers gathered at the scene did not pose a threat to Xiao Wan or other officials.

  "They are just filming, and what they worry about most is Freud," Stig said. Although the crowd may distract the police, it is impossible to happen in this case, because Xiao Wan was with Floyd at the time. Ide talks.

  Earlier, Xiao Wanfang had said that the onlookers were hostile to him.

  In May 2020 local time, when the former police officer involved in the case, Xiao Wan was arresting Freud, he knelt for 9 minutes and caused Freud's death.

The video of Freud dying calling for help saying "I can't breathe" triggered mass protests across the United States.

After the incident, Xiao Wan and the other three policemen who were dispatched at the time were all fired.

  Currently, Xiao Wan is charged with second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree homicide.