On Wednesday evening, a salvage company succeeded in getting a salvage team on board by helicopter from the Dutch ship Eemslift Hendrika, which became rudderless off the Norwegian coast.

The immediate danger that the ship would drift further towards the Norwegian coast has thus been avoided.

The four members of the recovery team of SMIT Salvage, a subsidiary of Boskalis, tried to get the ship under control by laying a towline to the heavy tug, Normand Drott.

The Norwegian coast guard reported on Wednesday evening that the towing connection has been successfully laid.

Earlier on Wednesday, it looked as if the salvage of the ship could begin soon.

However, due to bad weather, the helicopter, which was supposed to bring Boskalis' specialized personnel to the ship and the tugs, was unable to take off.

A few hours later, the Norwegian Coast Guard announced that the operation would be postponed until Thursday morning.

In the course of the afternoon, however, conditions improved and the mission could be resumed on Wednesday evening.

The ship ran into difficulties on Monday due to a shifting cargo and therefore listed in a turbulent sea with meters-high waves.

The crew was disembarked.

The Eemslift Hendrika, owned by the shipping company Amasus Shipping in Delfzijl, was on its way from Bremerhaven in Germany to the Norwegian port of Kolvereid.

Slepet er nå fast i baugen på #EemsliftHendrika og slepefartøyet Normand Drott begynner strong å dreie havaristen rundt.

👊👍Planen er å slepe fartøyet inn Breisundet utenfor Ålesund for videre inspeksjon.

(photo: @kystvakten / KV Bergen)


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