It permits discrimination of persons without prejudice to the confidentiality and privacy of their data

Activating the face print to register customers in the "digital identity"


The government of the United Arab Emirates announced the use of biometric facial fingerprint technology in registering customers in the "digital ID" application, as part of its development plans for the first secure digital national identity project for citizens and residents in the country, to be obtained using a face print, thus facilitating the registration process in the "digital identity" -UAE Pass »without the need to visit government service centers.

The move comes as part of the government's efforts to take advantage of the "biometric facial fingerprint" technology, which the Ministry of Interior applies as part of emerging technologies.

It contributes to improving the quality of digital life for the Emirati community, and enabling organizations to take advantage of their advantages in identifying people without compromising the confidentiality and privacy of their data.

The "face print" is a smart tool that is able, by linking with the database at the Ministry of Interior, to identify people, whether by scanning a picture taken from the associated imaging devices, or through the images taken of people.

It is also an integrated system that contributes to enhancing security, and it can be used, in addition to security support, in many dealings in various sectors, to identify customers in a smart, fast and accurate manner in an environment of high privacy and to ensure the confidentiality of information.

This technology will also contribute to enhancing the business environment of the private sector, such as the banking sector, banks and the tourism sector, among others, by reducing fraud risks and providing high-end services to society in a way that enhances the quality of life.

It aims to facilitate the lives of community members, and provide an easy, fast and effective customer journey in obtaining digital government services.

The UAE government is one of the first in the world to adopt biometric facial fingerprint technology.

The number of registered persons in the "digital identity" has reached more than 1.38 million, of whom 628 thousand have reliable accounts.

The head of government services for the government of the United Arab Emirates, Mohammed bin Talia, stated that the UAE government is working to enhance the elements of ease, smoothness and effectiveness in providing digital services by taking advantage of advanced technological solutions, in a manner that ensures shortening of time and effort, and reducing the number of steps in the customer’s journey.

He said that activating the faceprint to register customers in the "digital identity" is the fruit of integration and cooperation between federal and local government agencies in redesigning future services, and providing an innovative service model that enhances work efficiency and facilitates the lives of individuals, and supports the digital transformation of the government, through integrated services that meet the needs of Dealers and anticipate variables.

The head of the digital government in the UAE government, Director General of the General Authority for Regulating the Communications Sector and Digital Government, Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, confirmed that the use of facial recognition technology in the “digital ID” registration process represents an important step on the road to the full implementation of emerging technologies supported by artificial intelligence, to consolidate Digital lifestyle in the UAE society.

He added, "The importance of this technology lies in facilitating entry into (digital identity) for different groups of society."

The Acting Director General of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Major General Suhail Saeed Al Khaili, stated that this technology is the latest in the field of identifying individuals' identities, and it is based on overcoming challenges and pushing for speedy registration, verification and matching procedures, in addition to the decimal footprint used.

The Director General of Smart Services and Digital Security at the Ministry of Interior, Brigadier General Engineer Hussein Ahmed Al-Harithi, stated that the development of the "face print" system enhances the efficiency and accuracy of procedures, safety and prevention measures, especially in light of the Corona pandemic.

The Assistant Director General of "Smart Dubai", Executive Director of the Dubai Data Corporation, Yunus Al Nasser, affirmed that "Smart Dubai" is constantly seeking to develop projects and services for the digital system for the Emirate of Dubai and the state, by strengthening cooperation with its strategic partners from local and federal government agencies.

He said, "We are working on the (Digital Identity) initiative, together with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and the Digital Government, and the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority, to develop smart solutions that enhance the quality of life and support the comprehensive digital transformation of the government."

He added, "Our goal is to develop services to become more seamless for people, and with the launch of the dealer registration feature in the (digital ID) application using face prints, we are recording a qualitative addition to this important national project."

5 minutes

Assistant General Manager of Smart Dubai, Executive Director of the Dubai Data Corporation, Yunus Al Nasser, said: “With the availability of the feature (biometric face) in the (digital ID) application for customers, a verified account can be created in less than five minutes, without the need for Visiting government services centers, after the registration process in the application required about 20 minutes, and visiting a service center to complete it.

He added: “Once the verification process is completed successfully, the customer’s account is upgraded to a fully trusted account within the (Digital ID) application, which provides the customer with secure access to various government, semi-government and private websites and applications at the state level, and benefits from more than 6000 services. Provided by more than 130 government, semi-government, federal, local and private agencies, sharing official documents and digitally signing them through only one account to log in.

It also allows the ability to digitally sign documents and official transactions with ease, and immediately verify any signed document that has been shared with the customer.


«Immediate registration in (digital identity) using the face print to obtain government services without visiting service centers."

- "1.38 million people are registered in (digital ID), of whom 628 thousand have trusted accounts."

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