A Chinese citizen killed in an attack on a construction site in Nigeria, two kidnapped

  Xinhua News Agency, Abuja, April 7 (Reporter Guo Jun) Nigerian police said on the 7th that a construction site in Benue State in southeastern Nigeria was attacked by unidentified militants that day, killing a Chinese citizen and two local policemen. Two other Chinese citizens were kidnapped.

  Benue State Police spokesperson Catherine Anine said in a telephone interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters that at about 7:30 on the 7th, Chinese employees and several policemen who were responsible for escorting were ambushed by militants in advance near a construction site. Assault.

The police exchanged fire with the militants. A Chinese citizen and two policemen died in the incident.

The militants subsequently kidnapped two Chinese citizens.

  Anine said that the police have sent additional police to the place where the incident occurred, hunting down militants and working hard to rescue Chinese citizens who were kidnapped.

  The Chinese Consulate General in Lagos told Xinhua News Agency reporters that the Consulate General is actively negotiating with the Nepalese side to rescue the kidnapped Chinese citizens.