Munich (AP) - Bayern Munich's CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (65) does not believe in a boycott of the World Cup next year in Qatar.

"Change doesn't happen overnight, it takes time"

“The players have a good right to raise their concerns,” said the former international on “The Athletic” and added: “We are of the opinion that change does not come about through rejection, but only through dialogue.

And change doesn't happen overnight, it takes time. "

According to Rummenigge, the partnership between his club and sponsor Qatar Airways in recent years has shown “that football and dialogue have made things better.

Slowly but surely."

Amnesty does not consider a boycott to be sensible either


World Cup host Qatar has been criticized internationally for dealing with guest workers.

The human rights organization Amnesty International also does not consider a boycott of the World Cup in Qatar to be sensible and admits a reform process in the country.

“One should not forget that Qatar has only been an independent nation for 50 years.

It is part of the Islamic world, with a different cultural and religious background, ”said Rummenigge.

“We ask them to enshrine rights that Europe took hundreds of years to achieve.

Are you familiar with Section 175 of the German Criminal Code?

It criminalizes homosexuality and was introduced in 1871.

It took until 1994 before it was finally abolished. "

Most recently, the German internationals, like their colleagues from Norway, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands, had protested during World Cup qualifiers to demand compliance with human rights and thus also criticized the conditions in Qatar.


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