One of the most prominent rising stars of the U.S. Republican Party, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, has been investigated by the Justice Department and federal police in a sex scandal in which he is suspected of even interfering with a minor.

This has been reported by several American media based on their own sources.

Authorities have not formally commented on the unfinished investigation.

Gaetz has also been reported to be investigating the illegal sex trade.

She is suspected of being involved in the so-called sugar daddy ring, where young women have been offered money and gifts in exchange for sexual services.

Gaetz vehemently denies the suspicions and says he and his family themselves have been blackmailed.

In addition, he has accused the media of chasing.

Matt Gaetz is a Republican rising star who is now threatened with a rapid drop. Photo: Reuters

Gaetz’s case freezes Republican ranks as he has been a close ally of President Donald Trump and has been deprived of a significant career in conservative circles and politics.

The seriousness of the case is illustrated by the fact that virtually no leading Republican, including Trump, has so far rushed to defend Gaetz.

If Gaetz were to be charged with suspected crimes, he could face years in prison.

The ascendant of the wealthy family

Gaetz, 38, is Vesa, a wealthy politician from Florida who rushed to Congress in the wake of Trump’s election victory in 2016. He soon began to attract attention by supporting Trump unreservedly and seeking to raise his own profile with sharp-language TV appearances and sensationalist rapes.

Matt Gaetz (right) took part in the Republican conquest of the Chamber in October 2019.Photo: Yuri Gripas / Reuters

He held a conquest of the committee hall in Congress with his party colleagues when Trump's first Supreme Court hearings were to be held there.

Gaetz was able to perform at Trump’s election ceremonies in Florida and traveled with this official plane.

Corresponding remarks are normally rare for a recent congressman.

Gaetz has been said to have had a good pot with the Trump family as well.

He also reportedly met his current bride at an event held at Trump Manor in Mar-a-Lago a year ago.

The surging scandal has also brought the dark side of Gaetz to the surface.

According to colleagues who spoke to CNN, she had already, as a recent congressman, show off her activities and, among other things, presented pictures and videos of women with whom she had sex on her phone.

The tricks didn’t always please my party comrades either.

Matt Gaetz also brought his fresh fiancé Ginger Luckey to the Capitol on the first day of the new session on January 3.Photo: Reuters

Gaetz was launching a project to oust Republican-led Congressman Liz Cheney in the next election because she had voted for Trump's second indictment.

According to American media sources, Gaetz's actions were perceived to disrupt the party's ranks and seek to advance only his own career while legislative work remained secondary.

- They are here only for the sake of reputation and performing for their supporters, former congressional Republican assistant Doug Heye commented to the news agency AP on the preconditions of Gaetz and the younger Republican generation.

Suspected sex ring

Gaetz’s torture is reported to have begun last year with the arrest and numerous charges against his Florida political colleague Joel Greenberg.

Federal authorities suspect Greenberg, who is in pre-trial detention, of an extensive crime involving fraud, bribery, identity theft and sex trafficking by minors.

Last week also revealed doubts about Gaetz’s involvement in what his friend Greenberg did.

According to the New York Times, traces of men would have found mobile application fees for women against sex.

According to the revelations, women would have been searched for on the so-called sugar daddy website.

This refers to activities where older wealthy men pamper their young sex partners.

Seminole County, a former tax authority Joel Greenberg arrived in June last year to hear syytteensä justice in Orlando.

He was later taken to prison to await treatment. Photo: Joe Burbank / Orlando Sentinel / Zuma

The most serious suspicion is that Gaetz had sex with a 17-year-old minor.

There is also a suspicion of a criminal offense at the federal level, as the women were suspected of being transported across state borders to meet men.

Gaetz has vehemently denied criminal suspicions.

He has not hidden his past as a wild bachelor, but has asserted that it is “generosity to ex-girlfriends”.

- I would like to remind you that I am a Congressman, I am a monk, and I do not really criminal, Gaetz wrote on Monday, the Washington Examiner magazine published opinion articles.

She also introduced a victimization tactic that targets a similar political, sex-focused chase as Trump, as well as Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who was accused of harassing women during the election process.

Gaetz has said he and his family were also the target of a blackmail attempt by a Justice Department official last year, and a separate federal investigation is reportedly underway.

Remains in office

Just before the scandal broke out, the Axios news site had reported that Gaetz was considering switching from a political career to a TV job on the conservative Newsmax channel.

However, the channel has disputed the information, and Gaetz clings to his role as congressman despite even demands for resignation.

Kevin McCarthy, leader of the Republican House Group, has said he considers the allegations against Gaetz serious, but awaits the results of the investigation before drawing any conclusions.

For the time being, Gaetz will continue to serve on the influential Judiciary Committee.

According to American media sources, Trump would have been advised to remain silent about the case because of its explosiveness.

Only the most outspoken Republican names, such as Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgian spokesman, have signed up to support Gaetz.

- This is an attack by conspirators and a humiliation of the media.

Republicans must rise to resistance, Greene tweeted on Monday.

Gaetz traveled on President Trump's official plane from Florida to Washington in March 2020. Photo: Tom Brenner / Reuters

Even if Gaetz is ultimately not blamed for anything, he is still fighting for his political future.

She is scheduled to speak on Friday at the Women for America First event in Florida, which supports Trump, in what is considered a special choice against the accusations.

One Gaetz assistant has already resigned, and the former assistant said he was heard by the FBI about the Gaetz investigation.

More revelations are coming all the time, as the New York Times has reported, based on its sources, that Gaetz would have lobbied the Trump administration last year to proactively obtain amnesty for all federal charges.

At the same time, Gaetz seems to be increasingly sidelined in his party.

- The reason why the MAGA people have not defended him is not so much his unpopularity in many circles as the fact that he has never made it easy for other people to defend him, one of Trump's close associates described anonymously to Politico.