The signature of Borlingia Dortmund’s young star striker Erling Braut Haaland is the most coveted stuff in the football world.

Virtually all major European clubs covet the signature of a 20-year-old Norwegian paint gun on the contract paper they offer.

After Tuesday’s Champions League match, a new, very unexpected autograph hunter appeared at the edges.

After the battle between Manchester City and Dortmund in the streets of Etihad Stadium, one of the assistant referees of the Romanian judge of the match dug a yellow and red card out of his pocket - not to warn Haaland, but to ask him to sign the cards!

A special incident has been reported by, for example, the British broadcaster BBC, which quoted BT Sport commentator Owen Hargreaves.

According to the BBC, that referee had a flag in his armpit, so it was not the referee of the match, Ovidiu Hategan.

- He shouldn't do that.

The jury is at work there, and the first episode was really hard for them.

They made many wrong decisions, in their careers e.g.

Hargreaves, who represented Manchester clubs City and United, said.

- You can be a fan, but you can't do that in front of other players.

It just doesn’t look right, Hargreaves continued.

You can see a picture of the situation from this link.

City coach Pep Guardiola also drew attention to the case.

Maybe just because Haaland’s autograph would fit quite well for him too.

- Maybe he (the judge) is a fan of Haaland.

Or maybe it went to her child.

I have never seen anything like it, Guardiola was amazed.

During the match, the jury slammed against Dortmund, unduly rejecting the hit finalized by Jude Bellingham.

City won the first half of the semi-finals 2-1 when Phil Foden finished the game in the 90th minute.

Haaland paved the way for the only Dortmund finished by Marco Reus.