China News Service, Xiamen, April 7th (Reporter Yan Xu and Yang Fushan) On the centenary of Xiamen University, Professor Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and winner of the "Medal of the Republic", was appointed as an outstanding visiting professor of Xiamen University and was invited to Jiannan on the 6th. Nan Qiang's academic lecture was given in the Great Hall.

  Zhong Nanshan, who was born in Xiamen, Fujian, recalled that the first time he went to Xiamen University was in 1948, and he flew with his parents for nearly 5 hours.

"I am more familiar with Xiamen University in 1978. I had the opportunity to participate in the National Science Conference. One of my classmates was a classmate of Chen Jingrun, who was full of respect for Chen Jingrun and Xiamen University." Zhong Nanshan said.

  On the same day, Zhong Nanshan gave a lecture entitled "New Crown Prevention and Control Strategy and Vaccine Development" at the 100th anniversary celebration of Xiamen University.

He said that vaccination against the new crown is an inevitable requirement for the subsequent economic opening.

  “Some people think that there is no need to vaccinate the new crown vaccine. China’s environment is too good.” Zhong Nanshan said that there is a prerequisite for a good environment. At present, China has very strict controls on overseas imports, but this cannot be forever; China’s reform and opening up must be The whole world is open. By then, all countries will be well vaccinated against the new crown. On the contrary, China will not be immunized, which is very dangerous.

  Zhong Nanshan believes that the mutation of the new coronavirus has brought uncertainty to the effective time of the vaccine and brought challenges to the subsequent epidemic prevention work.

On the one hand, the mutation of the new coronavirus strain will cause the new crown vaccine to become invalid, and on the other hand, the virus mutation will also affect the effect of antibody therapy.

  "In addition to vaccine prevention, the most effective way to treat the new crown is multiple monoclonal antibodies, but the mutation of the virus strain may also reduce the effect of antibody treatment." Zhong Nanshan said that epidemic prevention and control has been facing one challenge after another. , So it is even more necessary for the whole world to cooperate.


  Zhang Yan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xiamen University, awarded Academician Zhong Nanshan the letter of appointment for distinguished visiting professor of Xiamen University and the commemorative plaque of Nan Qiang's academic lecture.

Zhang Yan said that Academician Zhong Nanshan is a leading figure in the field of respiratory disease research in China. Joining Xiamen University this time will definitely help Xiamen University continue to improve the development level of medical construction and promote the school's "double first-class" construction to a new level.

  "Happiness in the prosperous age, when you live up to the prosperous age. Classmates are now at a very good time and have good learning opportunities." Zhong Nanshan encouraged the students of Xiamen University to not only have ideals, but also dreams; not only have requirements for themselves, but also There is a pursuit; not only aspiration, but also aspiration; not only passion, but also passion.