Power of the People Mayor Oh Se-hoon, Mayor of Seoul, visited the Gangbuk area and met voters.

Today (6th), we toured 9 districts a day, and we focused on targeting the votes of young people in their 20s and 30s, which has emerged as the core of this election.

This is reporter Park Won-kyung.


Candidate Se-hoon Oh, who sat down on his way to work in Gwangjin-gu, where he ran for the general election last year.

It was the topic of the last day of the election campaign, the current government referee that has been emphasizing throughout the election.

[Se-Hoon Oh/People's Power Candidate Mayor of Seoul: Do you worry about renting a charter or raising your rent?"

Isn't this incompetent?]

Candidate Se-hoon Oh, who started his campaign in Gwangjin this morning, started a street campaign in Nowon at 11:40 am.

Candidate Oh, who won three districts in the morning alone, visited nine districts in the Gangbuk region of Seoul today.

Candidate Se-Hoon Oh, who ended his campaign, met with voters all over the streets and appealed for his support.

Regarding the pictures of Ferragamo shoes, he directly refuted that the obvious thing was different and that the brand was also domestic.

Candidate Oh also focused on targeting the votes of the 20s and 30s, which has emerged as a key voting base in this election.

He asked to come to the polls tomorrow, saying that he would make a Seoul where young people can dream of the future through a politics of fairness and win-win growth.

[Se-Hoon Oh/People's Power Candidate Mayor of Seoul: Together with Candidate Chul-soo Ahn, I will be sure to show you what is the politics of harmony and what is the politics of the future.] The

last campaign site is Shinchon, which has a large population of young people.

A while ago, Candidate Oh worked hard to collect one vote, with both the Party leadership and Nationalist Party representative Ahn Chul-soo attending.

Candidate Oh finishes the 3rd challenge schedule with a meeting with merchants in Nampyeonghwa Shopping Street around Dongdaemun late at night.

(Video coverage: Jang Woon-seok·Kim Heung-ki, video editing: Choi Hye-young)

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