▲ American youths stealing money from Asian elderly couples

With hate crimes targeting Asians in the United States one after another, it became a hot topic this time on social media (SNS) showing robbers who were stealing money from old couples were driven away by the son of a couple with swords.

On the 5th (local time), according to local media such as Fox News, on the 29th of last month in Oakland, California, an old Asian couple in their 70s met robbers at the front door of their house while visiting a grocery store.

In a video released to the local media, four robbers surrounded the old couple at the entrance of the doorstep and searched their pockets.

Grandmother reached out and resisted, but the robbers overpowered them and took things.

At this time, when the son heard the old mother's scream in the house and ran out barefoot with a machete (a long and wide blade), the robbers struck a line.

The robbers ran into a vehicle parked near the house, hurried to the car, and ran away.

The grandfather, who had been robbed, told a local broadcaster that his wife had stolen the gold line and that he had stolen a cell phone and keys.

"I heard my mother's scream, and I ran out," said the son of a strong build. "If I hadn't come out, my parents' situation would have gotten worse."

It is still unclear whether the motive for this incident is racism, local media said.

In Auckland, a recent Vietnamese couple was robbed at home and lost most of the money they had saved.

(Photo = Local journalist Dion Lim Twitter video capture, Yonhap News)