On April 4, the website of the State Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection announced that Yin Jiaxu, the former party secretary and chairman of China North Industries Group Co., Ltd., was suspected of serious violations of discipline and law and is currently undergoing disciplinary review and supervision and investigation by the State Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

This is the eighth central management cadre who has "fallen the horse" since the beginning of this year. The "fighting the tiger" during the Ching Ming holiday has been a strong signal that the Party Central Committee continues to maintain its anti-corruption and high-pressure posture.

  The building of party style and clean government is always on the road, and the fight against corruption is always on the road.

2021 is the first year to implement the "14th Five-Year Plan" and start a new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way.

The new features and requirements brought about by the changes in the main contradictions of our society, the new contradictions and challenges brought about by the complex international environment, and the new situations and tasks facing the new stage of development, all put forward new and higher standards for the construction of party style and clean government and the fight against corruption. Claim.

Judging from the fact that Sun Lijun and others investigated and dealt with the major policy decisions of the Party Central Committee last year, they were not loyal to the Party and were not honest with the Party, as well as the corruption and work styles of the masses around the masses, such as the deception and protection of many hospitals in Taihe, Anhui. The coexistence of high-pressure situation and crimes against the wind, political and economic problems are intertwined, traditional corruption and new corruption are intertwined, corruption and unhealthy tendencies are intertwined, and risk challenges are intertwined with corruption.

Anti-corruption has no retreat, we must know the difficulties and advance, we must maintain our determination and long-term success, and stick to the strict theme for a long time.

  Adhere to problem orientation, and increase anti-corruption efforts in key areas and key links.

During the period of large-scale development and large-scale construction, corruption problems often occur frequently, and corruption problems are often prone to occur in capital resource-intensive areas.

In 2020, disciplinary inspection and supervision agencies will increase the anti-corruption efforts of state-owned enterprises, and punish "worms" such as Hu Wenming who rely on enterprises to eat enterprises and abuse their powers and cause major losses of state-owned assets.

While increasing the anti-corruption efforts in the field of state-owned enterprises, the discipline inspection and supervision organs are also focusing on resource planning, project bidding and bidding, and investigate and punish examples of collusion between officials and businessmen such as Ren Hua and the use of power for personal gain; In the last year alone, 9420 people who violated discipline and law were punished by corrupt elements who made strategic decisions in the central financial sector and engaged in power-to-money transactions.

  If there is any problem, solve the problem, and focus on rectifying the problem when the problem is prominent.

It is necessary to further focus on areas and links with strong policy support, investment intensive, and resource concentration, and resolutely investigate and deal with corruption in infrastructure construction, project approvals, state-owned enterprise reforms, public resource transactions, scientific research management, etc., as well as “acceptable bribery” and “shadow shareholders”. "And other hidden corruption.

Deepen the anti-corruption work in the financial sector, supervise the strengthening of financial supervision and internal governance, and ensure the prevention and resolution of major financial risks.

Continue to punish the corruption of state-owned enterprises and strengthen the prevention and control of corruption risks.

Intensify the punishment of corruption in the political and legal system, and severely punish abuses of power and favoritism.

  Insist on systematic treatment and both symptoms and root causes, and continue to achieve the strategic goal of not dare to corrupt, cannot be corrupted, and does not want to be corrupted.

The core of administering the party strictly and strictly is to strengthen the party’s leadership. It is necessary to turn the “bull nose” of subject responsibility, implement the party committee (party group) to implement the provisions of the party committee (party group) on the responsibility of comprehensively administering the party strictly, strengthen the role of assistance, supervision, and promotion, and strengthen the The supervision and inspection of the implementation of the main responsibility, the transmission of the responsibility, and the establishment of strict rules.

At the same time, deepen the use of the "four forms" to punish the past and the back, treat illnesses and save people.

Grasping the dialectical and unified relationship of "punishment, treatment, and prevention", adhere to the close integration of severe punishment of corruption with strict systems, strict requirements, and serious education, give full play to the role of "investigating cases is the most powerful supervision", and exert the greatest efforts to promote reforms and cases rule.

  This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party. We must absorb the wisdom and strength of the party’s work style and clean government and the fight against corruption from the centuries of party history. Persist in the long-term keynote, continuously enhance the party’s ability to purify, improve, renovate, and improve itself, break out of the historical cycle rate of the rise and fall of chaos, and lead and ensure that the giant wheel of socialism with Chinese characteristics is stable and long.

(Yao Qiang)