Re-By-Election The official election campaign is now over in about three and a half hours, so today (6th) at 12:00 pm.

Reporter Baek Woon pointed out the keywords of this election, including the suspicion that has spread from the unification of candidates to the allegations of speculation on LH, and the slaughter war.





Ahn, who made a U-turn in the presidential election

of the prelude to the'unification' of the all-out war between the opposition




soo/People's Party Representative (December 20): I will certainly win and lay the foundation for regime change.] After

10 years People's Power Oh Se-hoon,



hoon/People's Power Candidate Mayor of Seoul] (January 17): With a heart of atonement and a greater sense of responsibility...

.] They

sat down at the table for the final unification of the pan-optics after winning Geum Tae-seop and Na Gyeong-won, respectively, but after repeated tug-of-wars with public opinion polls, they were unified as Candidate Se-hoon Oh only two days before the start of the official campaign.

The unification of passports was relatively quiet and fast.

Cho Jung-hoon and Kim Jin-ae, two minority party candidates, challenged the Democratic Party candidate Park Young-seon, who defeated Rep. Woo Sang-ho in the party contest, but Park became the single candidate as expected.

[Park Young-seon/Democratic Party Mayor of Seoul Candidate (Last month 17): Seoul now needs a great transformation of Seoul, taking the coordinates of Seoul for the next 100 years.]

2. The LH crisis that engulfed the election campaign


On the 2nd of last month,'LH employee speculation suspicion' hit the middle of the re-election.

The Democratic Party has lowered its attitude, saying that it will break through'Nambul within me', which is a taboo term, and

[Nak-yeon Lee/People of Democratic Party Standing Election Countermeasure Committee: I apologize while feeling unlimited responsibility.]

The power of the people tried to get on the waves of angry public sentiment.

[Kim Jong-in/Chairman of the People's Strength Emergency Response Committee: Self-confidence of this failure with demeanor…


3. "Self Compensation" vs. "Black Propaganda" Naegok-dong Land

The fire of the Seoul Mayor's election was a suspicion of compensation by the wife of Naegok-dong by Oh Se-hoon, who was lit up by the Democratic Party.

The suspicion that Candidate Oh was compensated for his wife's involvement in the designation of the Bogeumjari housing district in Naegok-dong during the time of the mayor of Seoul is suspicion that Candidate Oh visited himself when he surveyed the land in Naegok-dong. In the testimony that he saw Candidate Oh, he continued to bite his tail on his tail.

[Park Young-sun/Democratic Mayor of Seoul Candidate (Yesterday): Farmer, survey team leader, ecological bath (restaurant) parents and sons, there are witnesses in all processes...


[Se-Hoon Oh/People's Power Candidate Mayor of Seoul (the yesterday): People in Seoul are not the ones who are easily overlooked just because they are insensitive to facts while making such a vain claim.]

4. "Privilege deal" vs. "Normal Deal" L City Apartment In

Busan, Democratic Party candidate Kim Young-chun made the suspicion of purchasing a preferential L City apartment by the family of candidate Park Hyeong-jun, the power of the people, as a ring of attack.

[Kim Young-chun/Democratic candidate Busan Mayor: (same building) You bought the upper and lower floors side by side, on the same day.

And I didn't even get the real estate brokerage fee, the broker.

Is this a common-sense story?]

[Park Hyung-joon/People's Power Candidate of Busan Mayor: (At that time) I told you last time that there were about 110 cases.

What privileges are there...

.] In

this election, policy commitments such as Park Young-sun's '21 Minute City' and Oh Se-hoon's'Speed ​​Housing Supply' are said to have been less prominent.

Negatives rather than verification, faction confrontation rather than policy competition seems to be difficult to avoid, both the opposition and the opposition party have a stinging view that the campaign has penetrated.

(Video coverage: Kim Yong-woo, video editing: Ha Seong-won, CG: Park Cho-rong)

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