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all-out campaign took place in Busan one day ahead of the election.

Democratic Party candidate Kim Young-chun appealed for an economic market that will boost Busan's economy, and Park Hyung-joon, the power of the people, appealed for the last vote by advocating the regime judgment theory.

This is Han Se-hyun.


Democratic Party candidate Kim Young-chun, who toured five districts in Seobusan on the 5th.

Yesterday, in Busanjin-gu, we held the'Seungri Road Launch Ceremony' and set out on a relay campaign to go around all the remaining 11 gus and counties.

[Kim Young-Chun/Democratic Party Busan Mayor Candidate: Shout out to your friends to your neighbors,'Let's choose a mayor who works well, let's vote to save our Busan.'

Then he wins.]

Candidate Kim said that the fall of Busan began when the people's power came to power for a long time, and appealed for his support to become the'economic market' that will fulfill his dream of becoming an international economic city.

[Kim Young-chun/ Democratic Party Candidate Busan Mayor: The reason why I apologize and fight without giving up this election is the desperate heart (because) to save the Busan economy, everyone.]

Power of the People Candidate Hyeong-jun Park also traveled across Busan. I went looking for them and tried to capture the votes of the voters.

He went through 10 districts in a gas vehicle and appealed for the ruling of the regime.

[Park Hyung-joon/People's Strength Candidate of Busan Mayor: If you vote for the Democratic Party, you vote for Oman.

When you vote for the Democratic Party, you vote for hypocrisy.

Give me a chance to open a new Korea.]

Candidate Park, who toured the candidate site for Gadeokdo New Airport with local lawmakers, appealed for support, saying that he would create a wind of innovation.

[Park Hyung-joon/People's Power Candidate Busan Mayor: We will do our best to make it an international logistics hub airport that we want, and to make it an economic airport rather than a political airport.]

Among the two candidates who ran fiercely for 13 days, we will welcome the spring of Dongbaek Island. The winner is decided tonight.