Ex-formula driver Ralf Schumacher, 45, sharply commented on Sebastian Vettel’s preconceptions at the start of the F1 season.

Vettel’s, 33, time in Aston Martin’s stable started as bleak as last season’s Ferrari ended.

Vettel missed the season opener in Bahrain far from World Championship points and complained after the race that he couldn’t concentrate on driving his new car called the Honey Rider because he wasn’t at home behind the wheel.

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F1 expert and six-time GP winner Schumacher said he understood the frustration of the four-time world champion, but urged Vettel to grab himself by the neck.

- Vettel must stop complaining that he doesn't know his car.

It doesn't help at all.

He just has to press the gas, Schumacher handed out in an interview with Sport1.

He didn’t like the fact that Vettel publicly annoyed his affairs and marched the car steered differently than it should have.

- No one is interested in that when it comes to Formula One.

He gets a lot of money from driving and is a world champion.

He has to be faster than his teammate anyway.

Vettel’s goal should be for him to wipe the table with his teammate.

The rest comes by itself, Schumacher loaded.

In Bahrain, Vettel was left in the opening section of the time trials and fell last after receiving a starting grid penalty.

In the race he was 15th.

Similarly, Aston Martin’s second driver, Lance Stroll, left the race in 10th place and came in with the same finish.

Schumacher pointed out that Stroll has been in the stable for longer and Vettel is getting used to the new environment again after years at Ferrari.

- The problem with Aston Martin is that if Vettel wants changes to the car, the team may not immediately understand what he wants.

I feel sorry for Sebastian.

He has a giant problem that lasts a long time.

According to Schumacher, Aston Martin’s car is no longer as competitive as its predecessor, the Racing Point car, was last year.

The Racing Point racer was copied from a Mercedes 2019 car.

- You can't get a tiger from a cow.

The Aston Martin will not be a winning car this year, Schumacher said.