Her husband strangled her with a pillow and set the place on fire

150,000 dirhams in compensation for a mother who lost her daughter in a murder case

A total civil court in Ras Al Khaimah ruled, obliging a (Gulf Arab) person sentenced to 15 years imprisonment to pay (an Arab) 150,000 dirhams moral compensation for the damage that he sustained as a result of deliberately killing his wife (the plaintiff’s daughter) by strangling her with a pillow and setting her on fire. In her place of residence to hide his crime.

The Criminal Court had ruled to punish the accused with life imprisonment and obligate him to pay the heirs of the victim whose share of the legal blood money is 200 thousand dirhams. The Court of Appeal also decided to amend the appealed judgment regarding blood money and obligate the accused to pay the victim’s heirs the legitimate blood money of 266 thousand dirhams, and reduce Sentenced to 15 years in prison instead of life, and the Court of Cassation upheld the appeals verdict.

In detail, the plaintiff filed a lawsuit in which she demanded that her daughter’s husband be obligated to pay her what the court deems fit in terms of compensation to Jaber for the material and moral damages she suffered as a result of the murder of his wife (her daughter), and she left behind a small child.

According to the merits of a total civil court ruling, the defendant deliberately killed his wife, as he assaulted her physical integrity, put a pillow on her face and pressured her to prevent her from breathing until he managed to kill her and transport her body to the kitchen and set a fire in it and closed it to conceal his act, and the crime of murder is proven under the penal provisions. , And the verdict became final after the approval of the Court of Cassation.

She explained that with regard to the plaintiff’s request for material and moral compensation, the court considers that if the ruling is proven for the benefit of the victim’s heirs with the legitimate blood money, amounting to 266 thousand dirhams, according to the penal ruling, it is decided by the judiciary that the person who is entitled to blood money or injustice is required to complete compensation for other damages For which the amount of blood money does not meet its compensation.

She added that the court established that the defendant killed the plaintiff’s daughter in this brutal manner, which was his wife and life partner and the plaintiff’s heart, who thought that by their marriage she had succeeded in forming a family and reassured about the life of her daughter and her future with her husband, to be surprised by the defendant killing her in a heinous way, as her lack of effect had a severe impact. In the psyche of the plaintiff, as she felt the grief and excitement of the loss of her daughter, who left behind a three-year-old child.

She stated that the harm that will be caused to the plaintiff’s grandchild in the future as a result of losing his mother when he is old and aware of the circumstances and circumstances of her murder will be severe and will affect his psyche and make him feel the loss of his mother. The court considers with him that the moral damage to the plaintiff and her grandson is constant and was the result of a criminal act committed by the defendant, and thus there was a causal relationship between The harmful act suffered by the defendant and the moral harm caused to the plaintiff and her grandson.

It indicated the availability of the elements of tort liability against the defendant, and that the plaintiff’s request for compensation for the moral damage sustained by her on his way and the court assesses it at 150 thousand dirhams, and the defendant is obligated to pay it, and the defendant is obligated to pay fees, expenses and attorney fees.

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