Essen (dpa / lnw) - The Easter weekend in North Rhine-Westphalia is drawing to a close with gloomy weather prospects.

On Sunday there are dense clouds and in the north it can rain locally, said the German Weather Service (DWD) in Essen.

According to the meteorologist, the sun can be seen in places, but it remains mostly overcast.

According to the forecast, temperatures will reach a maximum of eleven degrees on the Lower Rhine and six degrees in the mountains.

In the night on Easter Monday more showers come up, it cools down to five to minus one degree.

At the beginning of the new week, a cold front moves through the country and brings shower-like rain.

In the mountains it should snow from noon.

In the lowlands, according to the forecast, snow can mix with rain.

Individual sleet thunderstorms with strong to stormy gusts are possible.

The maximum temperatures reach six to eight degrees in the flatlands, in lower elevations they range between two and three degrees.

Temperatures continue to drop overnight.

The DWD warns of slippery roads.

Also on Tuesday there should be a mixture of showers, sleet and snow.

There may be thunderstorms during the day.

The maximum values ​​are between four and seven degrees, in the mountains they reach a maximum of one degree.

For the rest of the week, the DWD predicts “typical April weather with rain, snow and sleet showers”.


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