China News Service, Manila, April 4th. On the eve of Ching Ming Festival, Huang Xilian, Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines, and Dr. Li Fengwu, Permanent Honorary Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Philippine Overseas Chinese Charity Association, had a phone call to cherish the memory of overseas Chinese anti-Japanese warriors. They introduced that under the guidance and assistance of the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines, As an important part of the Chinese government's "Spring Seed Operation" in the Philippines, the Philippine Chinese Society's Anti-epidemic Committee is stepping up its procurement of vaccines from China Kexing.

  Ambassador Huang Xilian spoke highly of the contribution made by the Charity Association to serve the Chinese society and promote Sino-Philippines friendship. He said that in the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War, the Philippine overseas Chinese anti-Japanese team had forgotten their lives and fought bravely. The cause of national liberation and the cause of world peace and justice have made immortal feats and made historical contributions. Every year, the Qingming Embassy will visit the Yishan Cemetery of Overseas Chinese in Manila to pay homage.

This year coincides with the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and we admire and cherish the memory of the heroes and martyrs who fought against Japan.

As the local epidemic prevention and control requirements cannot be fulfilled in the near future, we look forward to paying homage to the heroes as soon as possible.

The embassy specially donated 100,000 pesos to Yishan Cemetery and the Overseas Chinese Anti-Japanese Memorial Hall in the Philippines to help maintain and repair the two places.

  Ambassador Huang Xilian said that the second wave of the epidemic in the Philippines is very severe. With the full coordination of the embassy, ​​the Chinese government's assistance to the Philippine government and the Philippine government to purchase the Chinese Coxing vaccine has been successfully delivered, which has played an important role in the country's vaccination and economic recovery.

At the same time, we always keep in mind the safety of the lives of the vast number of compatriots in the Philippines.

Under the guidance and assistance of the embassy, ​​as an important part of the Chinese government’s “Spring Miao Action” in the Philippines, the Chinese Society’s Anti-epidemic Committee is stepping up its procurement of vaccines from China Kexing. The relevant procurement agreement is in the process of submitting to the Philippine government for approval. Do our utmost to promote it to ensure that the vast number of compatriots in the Philippines are vaccinated as soon as possible.

  Dr. Li thanked Ambassador Huang Xilian and the embassy for their care and love for the Chinese community, and said that he would continue to fully support the work of the embassy and contribute to the welfare of the people in the Philippines and the friendship between the people of China and the Philippines.

  Entrusted by Ambassador Huang Xilian, Wang Yue, consul-counselor and consul-general of the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines, recently called the Philippine Overseas Chinese Anti-Japanese Guerrilla Detachment ("Huazhi") fighter Mr. Lu Shuiya and the honorary president of the Philippine Huazhi Descendants Association Yang Xuyang to extend cordial greetings to them. And together with them cherish the memory of the touching deeds and outstanding achievements of the anti-Japanese warriors.