Her appearance was remarkable, her straight sitting and modest dress, her sharp gaze that met with a strong hand, striking the Timbani machine and her voice raised above everyone .. It is the player Radwa Al-Beheiri, whose name was issued on social media platforms, yesterday, Saturday, coinciding with her appearance at the ceremony of transferring royal mummies from The Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square, to the Museum of Civilization.

The spirit of the Egyptian queens was embodied in Radwa Al-Buhairi, the player of the opera house, whose participation in the royal mummies transfer ceremony marked a qualitative leap in her artistic history, and perhaps her entire life.

Hours before the concert, Radwa posted on her personal Facebook page a clip from the movie "Running the Monsters". The words of the clip came from the actor Hussein El-Sherbiny, one of the heroes of the film, "The livelihood is one ... God blessings are many, and all are livelihoods divided with justice and wisdom." She publishes that scene that her name will be "Trend" after hours in Egypt, and that her image will roam the communication sites all over the world, and her strong hand, firm gaze and her breathtaking tan are the title of the Egyptian granddaughter who receives the ancients.

"A dazzling Egyptian", was the most prominent comment on the communication sites about Radwa Al-Buhairi, who was considered by the Egyptians as the icon of the ceremony, and everyone praised the lady who reigned over the Egyptians of their prey, and with her majestic beats, she was able to restore the prestige of the ancestors.

It was not only the intense craftsmanship in music that drew attention to Radwa, but also the very simple body language that her movements conveyed and the audience of Facebook and Twitter interacted with her, "We see (we see) a greatness that is no less than the greatness of the pharaohs." The first for the ceremony.

“The transfer of mummies made me feel proud .. so I played with all my emotions.” This was the first sentence used by Egyptian media by the Timbani player, the most difficult instrument in the orchestra, which men control to play in most orchestras, and the instrument is made of copper or metal It is light, and the skin layer is tightened by the skin of a certain type of fish.

Radwa was not the only female face in the global celebration of the transfer of royal mummies, but so did Salma Sorour, the 18-year-old violinist, and the talent that emerged from one of the art workshops held by the Cairo Symphony Orchestra.

Salma Sorour ... the 18-year-old violinist, the most prominent female player at the mummies ceremony (social networking sites)

Salma was born in 2003, and joined the Higher Conservatory of Arts at the Academy of Arts, and participated in several concerts at the Opera House and the Russian Cultural Center.

In 2013, she represented Egypt in the International Competition for Young Musicians, and won the Diploma of Excellence, and her participation in the Mummies Party came with the support of Nader Abbasi, the leader of the orchestra, and Dr. Inas Abdel Dayem, the Egyptian Minister of Culture.