A fierce thunderstorm on the highway or a quick dodge past the deer and a quick return to your lane.

Maintaining the car's maneuverability in extreme situations is a basic safety issue.

Excellent grip ensures maneuverability: the car stops quickly even on a wet surface and does not have to be aquaplaned in heavy rain.

On the other hand, a well-rolling low rolling resistance tire saves fuel and the environment.

- Nokian Hakka Green 3 is our latest summer tire for small and medium-sized cars.

The selections include comprehensive sizes for hybrids and electric cars, and product development manager Marko Rantonen presents a novelty that works even in extreme traffic situations.

- The tires are designed for northern conditions, and Nokian Hakka Green 3 will be sold in the Nordic and Russian markets, presents product manager Mikko Järvinen.


 Hakka Green 3's 35% improved wear resistance compared to its predecessor brings an additional 10,000 kilometers in life cycle length.

The driving behavior and grip properties of tires are affected by the quality of the asphalt, which is rougher for us than, for example, in Central Europe.

The groove of the northern roads, in turn, underscores the need for aquaplaning resistance.

Nokian Tires tests its tires in many ways and with different asphalt grades.

Tests are performed by driving, testing machines and laboratories.

Our own test centers in Ivalo, Finland, and Santa Cruz de la Zarza, Spain, represent the world leader in their field.

- Low rolling resistance reduces fuel consumption and reduces the number of recharges, in addition to which bio-based materials bring ecology that is valued by consumers, Järvinen adds.

According to Rantonen, the 100% bio-based resin used in the production improves the grip properties and wear resistance.

- Nokian Hakka Green 3's 35% improved wear resistance compared to its predecessor increases the life cycle by up to 10,000 kilometers, depending on, for example, the driving style and chassis.

For some, it may mean even one more driving time, Rantonen sums up.

Pay attention to these features

The choice of safe and fuel-efficient tires emphasizes, among other things, wet grip, rolling resistance and wear resistance.

- With modern product development and the emphasis on material development, we have been able to improve all these features while taking into account driving comfort and low noise levels, says Olli Seppälä, Product Development Director of Nokian Tires.

The choice is aided by the EU tire label, the three sections of which show the fuel economy associated with rolling resistance, as well as wet grip and rolling noise.

1. Rolling resistance

Low rolling resistance reduces fuel consumption and emissions.

The difference in rolling resistance between the best Class A and the weaker Class G means a consumption of 0.6 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

In terms of CO2 emissions, the difference is 14 grams per kilometer.

Nokian Hakka Green 3 tires mainly belong to the two best categories in terms of rolling resistance.

Ten sizes are placed in the most ecological A-class.

2. Wet grip

Wet grip is practically the braking distance on a wet road surface, and depending on the tire size, the Nokian Hakka Green 3 ranks in the top two categories.

However, the EU label does not indicate how the tire behaves in extreme situations.

- Therefore, it is worth choosing a reliable manufacturer whose tires are available with test publications and results on how the tire reacts to fast steering movements and behaves in extreme situations, Seppälä emphasizes.

3. Noise

Rolling noise indicated by the EU label refers to environmental by-pass noise.

On the other hand, the label says nothing about the noise inside the car, but Nokian Tires considers it very important to take care of the comfort inside the car.

- Noise entering the cab can be minimized with the right component choices and successful surface model design, Seppälä says.

4. Investment in appearance: consider carefully

Many people want to change low-profile and sporty tires for their car based on their appearance.

When money is spent on showy rims, the quality and price of the tires are easily compromised.

- Sometimes large rim sizes and wide tires can surprise the driver with the characteristics of the tire: they are not comfortable as expected, feel harder when driving and can be more sensitive to grooves.

For eye-catching rims, you should buy ultra high performance or UHP tires from a reliable manufacturer, which bring rigidity and precision to the steering, Seppälä guides.

5. Hakka security helps and replaces

Hakka Safety is a service of the Nokian Hakka and Nokian Hakkapeliitta tire series.

If a properly used tire breaks beyond repair, a new, equivalent product will be replaced.

Get help on the phone by phone.

  • Find the right Nokian Hakka summer tires for your car here and enjoy carefree driving miles in northern summer adventures.