High-ranking security officials from Japan, the United States, and South Korea held discussions in the United States to confirm the cooperation of the three countries toward the denuclearization of North Korea and to cooperate in maintaining peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula. We agreed that was essential.

For the first time since the inauguration of the Biden administration in the United States, high-ranking security officials from Japan, the United States, and South Korea held a meeting at the Naval Academy in eastern Maryland on the 2nd, with White House Chief of Staff Sullivan and Japan. Mr. Kitamura, Director of the National Security Bureau, and Mr. Seo Hung, Director of the National Security Office of South Korea, attended.

After the talks, the White House issued a joint statement saying that the three countries coordinated the review of US policy on North Korea.

He added, "We shared concerns about North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs, and reaffirmed our commitment to address and resolve these issues through close cooperation between Japan, the United States and South Korea toward denuclearization." We agreed that cooperation for maintaining peace and stability on the peninsula is essential. "

After this talk, the Biden administration will soon finish reviewing the North Korean policy, and there is a lot of interest in the content of the policy that it will be involved through diplomacy.

Senior officials from the three countries also discussed the importance of prompt resolution of the abduction issue, countermeasures against the new coronavirus, and climate change.

Regarding Japan and South Korea, he said, "We emphasized the importance of bilateral ties and cooperation between Japan, the United States and South Korea for the security of the region and the world."

Close cooperation with the Japan-US summit meeting

National Security Adviser Kitamura, who is visiting the United States, met with Sullivan's aide in Annapolis, Maryland.

The talks were held for about an hour, and they exchanged a wide range of opinions on regional conditions such as China, which is strengthening its advance into the ocean, and North Korea, which launched a ballistic missile last month. , Discussed security issues, including economic security.

At the meeting between Prime Minister Suga and President Biden on the 16th of this month, they agreed to work closely together toward the first Japan-US summit meeting.

We also confirmed that we will cooperate with each other in dealing with regional security issues, including the frameworks of Japan and the United States and the four countries including Australia and India.

After that, Mr. Kitamura met with South Korea's Director General of National Security, Seo Hung, for about 50 minutes, and agreed to continue to work closely on the North Korean issue.