Teppo Vesalainen, Training Manager of the Finnish Automobile Association, was following the traffic on Maundy Thursday on several exit routes in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Visually, Vesalainen estimates that the traffic volumes were considerably lower than in previous years' outbound traffic.

Before Corona time, Corona Easter.

Easter outbound traffic on Turuntie in Espoo on April 1, 2021. Photo: Jussi Nukari / Lehtikuva

- It looked like a pretty normal weekend outbound, Vesalainen sums up his general impressions.

A similar view can also be found in Traficom's Southern Finland Road Traffic Center.

- Slightly less than at Easter 2019, there were no major congestion, except in the direction of Tampere due to crashes on the Orivesi road, the traffic attendant states.

There can be several reasons for calm.

- Some of them may have stayed home, some had probably left earlier and the outbound traffic was therefore for a longer period, Vesalainen thinks.

- Teleworking allows a flexible transition to a holiday destination.

During Easter, the Automobile Federation is running - after one gap year - a traditional Operation in Pajunk, where motorists in trouble were assisted.

- It was pretty calm there too.

Less traffic than normal - fewer grants than normal.

A typical person in need of help was a road frost pit with his car tire damaged by a road user.

Kuusamontie in Oulu was not very congested. Photo: Ville Honkonen

A few needed more power.

Instead, according to Vesalainen, no one had locked themselves outside their car, which is the third familiar theme of assistance to the Road Association's road service men.

- Although the traffic went well, no problems, and it was good, too, Traficom's traffic attendant for Southern Finland accompanies Vesala.

A sad exception is a fatal crash on Highway 9.

Police diverted traffic to the detour.

Highway 9 was closed to traffic due to two serious accidents in Tampere. Photo: Mika Kylmäniemi / Lehtikuva

The Helsinki Police Command Center also did not receive any special reports on outbound traffic in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

- Nothing to mention, the duty officer therefore fails to mention.

Easter return traffic is traditionally expected on Monday.