The roof in the hospital’s flames didn’t stop Russian surgeons from having heart surgery in Blagovestsensk, Russia’s Far East on Friday.

The hospital's 120 patients and medical staff were evacuated. Photo: Reuters / MINISTRY OF EMERGENCY SITUATIONS

Apparently, the fire, which started with electrical equipment, spread to the roof over an area of ​​1,600 square meters.

120 patients and staff members were evacuated from the hospital.

When the fire broke out, a demanding open heart operation was performed in the operating room on the first floor of the hospital, performed by a group of eight surgeons.

They decided to complete the surgery because it could not have been stopped at that point, the city mayor told the Telegram instant messaging service, according to the Moscow Times.

  • The fire is featured in a video shared by the Moscow Times on Twitter.

There were 59 firefighters in the firefighting work. Photo: MAGAZINE IMAGE / AFP

The operation was successfully completed and the patient and surgeons were evacuated from under the firefighting work.

During the operation, electricity was supplied to the operating room via a separate cable and firefighters ensured that no smoke spread into the room.

Doctors and nurses continued heart surgery despite the fire.Photo: Reuters / GOVERNOR OF AMUR REGION

Vasily Orlov, the governor of the Amur region, intends to reward the doctors with honor.