On the 2nd, South Korean Foreign Minister Jung Wei-young left for China, the first foreign visit after taking office.

It is expected that South Korean media will meet with Foreign Minister Wang Yi on the 3rd to ask for cooperation toward the denuclearization of North Korea, as it is unusual for South Korean media to visit China before its ally, the United States.

South Korean Foreign Minister Chung Eui-yong left the Korean Foreign Ministry's office building in Seoul on the afternoon of the 2nd for Xiamen in Fujian Province, southern China.

Foreign Minister Chung will visit a foreign country for the first time since taking office on the 3rd, and will meet with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Xiamen.

Prior to departure, Foreign Minister Chung told reporters that "China will play a constructive role" as North Korea launched a missile last month to show opposition to the Moon Jae-in administration. Is necessary, "he said, and the talks are expected to seek cooperation toward the denuclearization of North Korea.

Meanwhile, a major conservative newspaper, JoongAng Ilbo, reports that "it is unusual for South Korean foreign ministers to visit China before their ally, the United States."

Furthermore, he pointed out that the schedule of the China-Korea Foreign Ministers' Meeting coincides with the timing of the high-level security talks between Japan, the United States and South Korea held in the United States, so it is a "dangerous rope-crossing diplomacy" and the conflict between the United States and China deepens. He said that his visit to China could affect US-Korea relations.