Heptathlete Maria Huntington popped on a cold lake on Maundy Thursday.

The Finnish athlete published a video on Instagram in which he takes a refreshing dip in the Tampere landscape in Rauhaniemi.

- Evening swimming at sunset, he wrote in English in connection with the video.

Huntington, 24, enjoyed the waters of Lake Näsijärvi for about 15 seconds.

He swam a short lap in the opening, rose from the water, and continued his journey with a smile on his face.

Huntington received several lively messages from his followers.

Rod jumper Maria Kytölä stumbled upon her message with face mothers who had heart images near their eyes.

- Oii Parasta !!

Kytölä communicated.

Katri Tilaeus was impressed by Huntington's swimming trip.

- Pretty hard, he wrote on Instagram.

Jari Mäkinen suggested that going cold seemed cold to him.

- Kali Kali, he signaled.

Mika Nieminen would probably have missed the swimming session.

- No damn it ... he wrote with clapping hands.

Huntington wrote to the curious that he went into the open air from the sauna.

Huntington had to leave in the middle of the winter season due to a foot injury.

He is aiming for a place in next summer’s Tokyo Olympics.

Huntington has won the seven-match Finnish championship in 2018, 2019 and 2020.