China News Service, April 2-According to Kyodo News Agency of Japan, on April 1, local time, the heads of foreign affairs agencies of Japan and South Korea held talks in Tokyo.

This move was aimed at improving Japan-South Korea relations that have deteriorated due to historical issues such as the original "comfort women" litigation, but the two sides insisted on their respective positions and failed to bridge their differences.

Both parties confirmed that they will continue to communicate.

  According to reports, since October 2020, Japan and South Korea have once again held face-to-face consultations at the director level.

Takeshi Funakoshi, Director of Asia and Oceania, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, and Lee Sangyeol, Director of Asia and Pacific, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Korea, attended the meeting.

  According to the report, in response to the Seoul Central District Court’s decision to order the Japanese government to pay compensation to the original "comfort women", the Japanese side again pointed out in the negotiations that this action violated international law.

In addition, with regard to the original expropriated labor lawsuit that ordered Japanese companies to pay compensation, the Japanese side also asked the South Korean side to provide an acceptable solution as soon as possible, while the South Korean side emphasized the need for the Japanese side to show a more sincere attitude toward solutions .

  South Korean President Moon Jae-in showed a positive attitude towards repairing relations between Japan and South Korea during the visit of US Secretary of State Brinken and others to South Korea in March, and he appealed to the Japanese side for dialogue.

However, Japan’s position is that South Korea should be the first to be responsible for resolving outstanding issues. Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi and South Korean Foreign Minister Jeong Yiyong have not yet held a telephone conversation.

  Japan, the United States and South Korea plan to hold a meeting of the three foreign ministers in the United States in late April at the earliest, and the restoration of Japan-South Korea relations has become one of the focuses.