In Myanmar, where the military crackdown on civilians continues, protests were held in various parts of the country, two months after the coup d'etat in one day.

The military is calling on armed groups to join the demonstrators, but it is unclear if a ceasefire will occur.

In Myanmar, it has been two months since the coup d'etat in one day, and according to local human rights groups, 536 people have died so far due to the shooting of security forces.

Citizens protested in various parts of the country on the 1st, and young people marched in Yangon, the largest city, with a voice saying, "We are not afraid. We do not accept military dictatorship."

On the other hand, the army joined the demonstrators and continued air strikes against the armed groups of the ethnic minorities who attacked the military base, but on the night of the 31st, a statement was issued, Will be suspended for one day to one month. "

Armed groups, on the other hand, have not shown a formal reaction so far, but have remained prepared to fight back as long as the crackdown on the citizens continues, saying that they will "protect the citizens."

Local media reported on the 1st in the second city of Mandalay that security forces had taken control of the demonstrators and that some of them were injured, and it is unclear whether a ceasefire will occur.

Evacuated from air strikes to Thai side Approximately 2,800 people

The Thai government held a press conference on the 1st, and about 2,800 people fled the air bombing by the Myanmar army and evacuated to the Thai side across the border, of which about 2,800 were injured and treated by the air bombing. It was revealed that there are seven people, and more than 200 people, mainly the elderly and children, are still in Thailand.

He then urged the Myanmar military to stop the airstrikes, saying, "I urge you to stop the violence."

Karen woman "I want Thailand to accept me"

In Mae Hong Son, a border town on the Thai side, Karen ethnic minorities from Myanmar come to work.

Of these, Karen women who work in general stores have husbands and daughters living in the state of Kayin in southeastern Myanmar.

The two are evacuating into the woods because the village they live in was bombed by the military, and food is starting to run out.

According to women, houses and schools in the village were destroyed by airstrikes and their acquaintances died.

My husband's mobile phone has poor communication conditions due to the fact that he is not in contact.

The woman said, "I am very worried that my husband and daughter are hungry. I want Thailand to make a place to evacuate and accept it," and prayed for the safety of the family.

Karen men "I don't believe in Karen"

A Karen man who evacuated from an airstrike by the Myanmar army and entered an evacuation camp responded to an online interview with NHK.

In this, a man said, "I learned that the Myanmar army bombed a Karen village on March 28 and started evacuating."

He crossed the river on a boat and evacuated to the Thai side for a while, but it is said that the Thai army instructed him to return to the Myanmar side saying "There is an evacuation camp in Myanmar and no one will bomb the place." ..

As a result, the man returned to the Myanmar side and entered an evacuation camp that had been set up in the border area for some time.

The man expressed strong distrust, saying that "no one in the Karen people believes" about the military's proposal for a ceasefire.

He said, "Everyone is afraid of the Myanmar army. I want the Thai government to accept us for a short while."

On the other hand, the Thai government says, "We are not forcibly repelling those who have evacuated from Myanmar."