To expel Satan ... a mother who kills her 5-year-old child with boiling water

Photo from the balcony where the child was found dead from burns.

From the source

In a tragic incident, a five-year-old Russian child died in Saint Petersburg, after a mother poured boiling water on her child, in an attempt to drive demons out of him.

The body of the child was found on the balcony of the apartment, where the police found him dead from thermal burns as a result of pouring boiling water on his body.

The woman told the police that she heard the voice of God telling her that there was a demon in the boy who should be expelled, so she poured boiling water on her baby, and then took the body to the balcony.

The woman was transferred to a psychiatric clinic.

The "Vesti Row" website quoted a Russian police spokeswoman as saying that the child's mother did not receive social assistance. She had a successful job, but after her divorce from her husband, she became depressed.

A criminal case against the woman was filed under the "premeditated murder" article.

And in mid-March, in the city of Zeleznogorsk in the Kursk region, during a quarrel, a mother poured petrol on her nine-year-old son and set him on fire.

The child died a few days later from severe burns.

A case was brought against the woman over an attempt to kill a minor, which was committed with particular cruelty.

The investigation found that she was mistreating the child for several years.

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