Chinanews, April 1st, according to New Zealand, on the 1st, the Minister of Immigration of New Zealand sent a press release, announcing that the previous immigration policy power bill is about to expire, the government will continue to extend its effectiveness until 2023.

  The Minister of Immigration announced on the 1st that the immigration policy authority specially approved by the epidemic will be extended to May 2023, so as to continue to flexibly support immigration, carry out border management and help industries facing labor shortages.

  "In the past year, we have had to make quick decisions at any time to change visa conditions, extend visa validity, and waive certain application requirements for certain visa categories. These decisions have provided both visa holders and employers in New Zealand. Greater flexibility and certainty, and when New Zealand’s response to the epidemic requires us to close the border, industries with labor shortages can get more migrant workers."

  "We made the necessary changes to the "Immigration Epidemic Response Amendment", but this change will expire in May 2021."

  "Today, I proposed a new bill to maintain these powers until 2023."

  "The bill will go through a brief congressional committee process and is expected to be passed by Congress in May."

  The Minister of Immigration has used this power to benefit different types of immigrants a total of 18 times, including -

  ·Extend visas for 22,500 workers and their family members, giving them and their employers more certainty.

  · Provide a longer entry time limit for 5,600 overseas resident visa holders, allowing longer time to activate the visa.

  ·Extended visas for 16,600 visitor visa holders, giving them more time to determine their itinerary to return home, and giving all visitors the opportunity to study and go to school in New Zealand.

  · Extend visas for 7,800 working holiday visa holders, relax their working conditions, and allow them to work in the plantation industry.

  ·Some application conditions are exempted for transit passengers.

  "New Zealand's vaccine promotion plan is progressing well. More news about Australia-New Zealand interoperability will be announced next week. We are still preparing for the final safe reopening of the border. But we know that the new crown pneumonia is still raging overseas, and other countries must control the epidemic. It takes time."

  "This extension of the Immigration Minister's privileges to 2023 will ensure that our immigration system can continue to respond flexibly to emergencies in the next few years."

  The Minister of Immigration said: "The existence of the bill is still guaranteed. The use of power can only be used in situations related to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and visa holders must be benefited, at least not damaged."

  It is worth noting that, according to the amendments that have not yet expired, the Minister of Immigration’s temporary powers include suspension of certain visa applications.

  A reporter from Tianwei has found the bill on the Congress website.

  It states that under the bill, the maximum time limit for temporarily suspending applications for temporary entry visas for some overseas people can be extended from three months to six months.