This week’s warm weather has caused spring to move forward and the snow to melt at a rapid pace.

- Melting can make rivers flood, rain also exacerbates the flood situation, says meteorologist Joanna Rinne on Foreca's blog.

According to a recent monthly forecast from the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), this week has been warm in Finland compared to the time.

The average temperature for the current week is 2–3 degrees higher than the average in the southern and central parts of the country and 3–4 degrees in Lapland.

On Easter Sunday, the heat may rise to ten-degree readings again.

With the exception of the southernmost part of the country, night temperatures are mostly frosty.

However, from next week onwards, spring will progress quite normally.

- In the coming weeks of April, spring seems to be progressing in fairly seasonal weather.

Rainfall may be higher than average

According to the monthly forecast, next week the average temperature will not be much different from the seasonal average.

Next week, there will be slightly more rainfall in the northern part of the country than the seasonal average.

In the southern and central parts, rainfall is normal with respect to the season.

- However, spring is the least rainy time of the year in Finland, so the rainfall does not have to be high in order to be above the seasonal averages, Rinne reminds.

According to the monthly forecast, the average weekly temperatures in April are quite normal.

According to long-term weather statistics, average peak temperatures are 6–10 degrees in mid-April, 4-8 degrees in the central part of the country, and 0–6 degrees in the north.

The forecast for the end of the month is uncertain

According to the monthly forecast, in the week beginning April 12, a large area of ​​high pressure will prevail in Central Europe, resulting in low rainfall and seasonal warm weather.

In such a case, low pressures pass over Northern Europe, which is why it can rain a little more than the average in Finland.

- In the forecast, the average weekly temperature is close to the seasonal average, in the south slightly above it.

In the week beginning April 19, the weather will begin to be poorly predictable, according to the Slope.

- There are no strong signals to one side or the other.