Six days before the re-election in April, the Democratic Party of Korea apologized for the real estate crisis, following yesterday (31st).

It was ironic that the people would not be convinced that the people's strength is self-confidence of failure.

This is reporter Kang Min-woo.


Representative Kim Tae-nyeon of the Democratic Party made a statement this morning and bowed again in connection with the recent real estate speculation.

This is the second time after the standing chairman Lee Nak-yeon yesterday.

[Kim Tae-nyeon/Dubuleo Democratic Party Representative Representative: I am standing here to appeal to the people for another opportunity to the Democratic Party together as the representative party representative of the Democratic Party ahead of the pre-voting for the 4/7 re-election today. ]

Kim Jong-in, chairman of the People's Power of the People's Power, said that the ruling party's apology to the people was for election purposes.

[Kim Jong-in/Chairman of the Power of the People's Power Emergency Response Committee: I don't think the general public will be convinced of this act of self-confidence of failure for condemnation before the election without self-confidence of the failure of real estate policy.]

Six days before the re-election


The steps of the opposition candidates have also become busy.

Democratic Party Mayor Park Young-seon, who has set out to target western regions such as Yangcheon-gu, promised to give young people a discount on the amount of public transportation.

Candidate Se-Hoon Oh, Mayor of the People's Power, made a pledge to build an underground plaza at Mia Crossroads in the Gangbuk region, including Nowon-gu.

In Busan, Candidate Young-Chun Kim pledged 100,000 won for disaster support for Busan citizens, and Candidate Hyung-Jun Park went to Haeundae-gu, Busan and held a campaign with Ahn Cheol-soo, head of the National Assembly.

Advance voting will be held for two days starting at 6am tomorrow.

Regardless of your address, you can vote at any eup, myeon-dong office in the area where re-election is taking place, as long as you have your ID card.