The Colorado Avalanche is currently splashing wildly as the top team in the NHL.

It has not only scored the most goals this season (3.63 / game) but also released the fewest (2.26).

The Finns play a big part in the great mood, as Mikko Rantanen (21) and Joonas Donskoi (15) are the best scorers in Colorado.

The splendor of Rankanen, the superstar of the number one chain, cannot really be considered surprising, but the tone of the three-chain pier Donskoi in particular is downright dizzy at the moment.

The 15 + 13 = 28 points balance of Donskoi, who made the second hat trick of his NHL career on Thursday morning, is raised by the fact that his average playing time is only 13.39 minutes.

Of those who played at least 10 matches, Donskoi is the most powerful player of the entire NHL season with a tie of 60 minutes.

Donskoi has scored 3.39 power points for five hours played against five.

Connor McDavid of Edmonton, who is by far the leader of the points exchange, immediately lurks in the wake of Raahe's horror gun, reading 3.27.

5v5 points / 60 min

  • Joonas Donskoi, Colorado 3.39

  • Connor McDavid, Edmonton 3.27

  • Mark Stone, Vegas 3.15

  • Mikko Rantanen, Colorado 3.12

  • Kirill Kaprizov, Minnesota 3.10

  • Rantanen's wild March

    Rantanen is seriously fighting for the NHL's goal kingdom.

    With only twenty games left in the regular season, Rantanen (21) is second on the finish line just after Auston Matthews (24) in Toronto.

    March in particular was an incredible cannon from the bull of Nousiainen.

    In the March 17 match, Rantanen scored 13 + 12 = 25.

    In both goals and points, he was number one in the entire NHL during the period.

    In March, Rantanen pressed the bottom of the gas. Photo: Matthew Stockman / APF / Lehtikuva

    The Colorado horror chain Rantanen – Nathan MacKinnon – Gabriel Landeskog beat as many as 69 power points in three packs during March.

    The Finnish vibe was strong in March anyway, as Donskoi and Sebastian Aho of Carolina, who scored nine goals, were in the sixth place in the scorer statistics of the month.

    Rantanen, who leads the Finnish points exchange, has now made a total of 21 + 22 = 43 in the 35 matches of the season and is the sixth in the points statistics of the whole series.