Nicolas Tournat here in the blue jersey.



  • HBC Nantes is playing its round of 16 in the Champions League at the H Arena this Wednesday evening (8:45 p.m.).

  • In the Polish team: Nicolas Tournat, trained at HBC Nantes.

  • For several days, the meeting has already started behind the scenes between Tournat and his ex-partners and friends from Nantes.

The match in the match started behind the scenes.

Nicolas Tournat, trained at HBC Nantes, returns for the first time to the H Arena, this Wednesday evening, in a jersey other than purple.

The 26-year-old native of Niort joined Poland and club Kielce last summer.

Which faces the "H" in the round of 16 first leg of the Champions League.

At his pivot position, Nicolas Tournat (2 m for 110 kg) will meet on his way players like Feliho and Pechmalbec whom he knows very well.

"They are going to have a very bad evening, but that they already know ...", laughed the French international to the HBCN site earlier this week.

“He went to the right school [at the level of the chambers], smiles the Nantes captain Rock Feliho.

In the meantime, it's a pleasure to find him again because beyond having been a teammate, he's a friend.

It is not nothing to meet for a round of 16 in the Champions League.

We did a few together.

The HBCN is playing the fourth in its history this Wednesday.

A headache to come with Feliho?

Unbeatable in Nantes, Nicolas Tournat shares his playing time in Kielce with Belarusian Artsem Karalek.

"He has a less important role in the team, it's true," said Nantes coach Alberto Entrerrios.

But he is taking more place in Kielce's squad with his fighting spirit, his character in addition to his technical and tactical quality.

"In the Champions League, this" beautiful baby ", bottle-fed at the Nantes training center (arrived in 2012), scored 37 goals.

“I know the level of Nicolas, indicates Rock Feliho.

He is one of the best attacking pivots in the world.

His qualities ?

His hold of the ball, he sees the game, he puts down his blocks when necessary and he is smart.

He has it all.

“An extraordinary physique and dexterity that allowed him to score 541 goals in 163 D1 games during his Nantes years (2014-2020 in pro).

"But I also know what it can hinder him, slips, mischievously, the captain Feliho.

One thing is certain, we will not give each other gifts.

With Nico, it would not even be surprising that we take the lead during the match.

We did it during training then in matches while being opponents… ”


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