“The tendencies towards the recovery of the Russian economy are just getting stronger.

You and I are well aware of this.

Not everywhere, not in all constituent entities, we see a steady growth of business activity, therefore, the income base of the regions is still largely unstable, "Putin's statement was quoted by TASS.

According to him, the topic of regional finance is constantly in the field of view of the authorities. 

Putin noted that "one of the key conditions for the long-term socio-economic development of the territory of our entire large country is the state of finances."

He added that a number of measures to support the regions have been implemented recently.

“Let me remind you that last year we allocated 280 billion rubles in direct grants and another 223 billion rubles in special budget loans,” Putin said.

The President of Russia asked the governors to submit an analysis of the financial condition of the regions.

He also expressed his readiness to hear proposals on the necessary new solutions that would allow not only to ensure the stability of regional finances, but also to increase the rate of economic growth.