A wide range of services are available for comparing consumer loans.

Last year, Finnish Kattokorko launched a new type of service that compares loan offers from carefully selected partners.

Only companies offering loans with an interest rate of less than 10% were accepted into the service.

At its most favorable, the interest rate on the loan is less than five percent.

In addition, in the event of unpleasant surprises, each loan customer receives additional security free of charge.

The interest rate does not change during the loan period

At the ceiling, the interest rate on loans is permanently below 10 percent.

The interest rate therefore does not change during the loan period.

This is a significant difference from the current Fixed Rate Act, which limits the interest charged on a loan to the end of September only.

At the beginning of October, the interest rate on many loans that now seem favorable will rise to as much as 20 percent.

There will be no unexpected changes in the interest rate on loans taken through the ceiling.

Free additional security for everyone

The roof loan rate is the first loan service in Finland to offer free insurance coverage to all loan customers.

The insurance is valid for one year from the moment the loan is drawn down and reimburses a one-time indemnity of 5,000 euros if you become seriously ill.

The insurance does not incur any costs or fees for the customer.

It does not affect any other insurance claims.

Detailed insurance terms and conditions can be found at Kattokorko.fi.

This allows you to combine credit card debts and installments

The interest rate on many credit cards and installment agreements is well over 10 percent.

At its highest, the interest rate can be 20 percent.

Different billing surcharges and account management fees can also bring additional costs of several hundred euros a year if installment agreements have been accumulated in many places.

If you want to balance your finances, you can re-tender installments and credit card debt again.

It is possible to combine installments and credit card debts.

You can replace them with a combination loan with an interest rate of less than 10%.

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