Cdiscount offers up to 50% reduction on a selection of chocolates for Easter.



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With the Cdiscount Easter promotions, the bells will be generous again this year.

Chocolate eggs, fried foods of all kinds and baskets filled with delicacies are at the rendezvous of this good gourmet plan.

Discover the Easter promotions

The 10 must-see Cdiscount Easter discounts

To celebrate Easter, Cdiscount is offering a 50% discount on the second item chosen from a selection of around one hundred products.

The promo code PAQUES50 allows the reduction to be applied to the cheapest eligible product.

Among the sweets not to be missed, we find:

  • Set of 2 “garnished hens” bags: 

    one set includes two adorable hen-shaped baskets that will delight little gourmets.

    They each contain an assortment of 20 chocolates (Kinder Schoko-Bons, Cémoi marshmallow bears, eggs and small casts).

    The lot is displayed at € 22.90.

    The good Cdiscount plan makes 4 happy for € 34.35.

  • 200-piece Kinder Box


    with 100 Schoko-Bons, 90 mini Kinder Bueno, 5 Kinder Country and 5 Kinder Maxi, this box contains a real treasure.

    It contains plenty of enough to sprinkle the garden with delicious surprises while reserving a few rooms for the adults' coffee break.

    The box is € 29.50, both (and therefore 400 chocolates) € 44.25.

  • Mix 100 Easter chocolates: 

    little bunnies, sheep and chocolate eggs are mixed with the great classics Kinder (Schoko-Bons), Cémoi (marshmallow bears) and Celebrations (Mars, Snickers, Twix and Bounty) in this lot.

    With this assortment at € 21.50, the egg hunt promises to be successful.

    Large families can count on the promo code PAQUES50 to stock up on 200 chocolates for € 32.25.

  • 3 filled felt baskets: 

    representing a chick, a sheep and a rabbit, these three felt baskets are sure to be a big hit with the little ones.

    They will have the joy of discovering a selection of 20 chocolates between classic casts, mini Kinder Bueno, Schoko-Bons and Cémoi marshmallow bears.

    The 3 baskets are at € 17.90 and the 6 at € 26.85.

  • Lot of 6 boxes of 30 Ferrero Rocher: 

    thanks to this lot of 180 Ferrero Rocher (2.25 kg) at 74.49 €, it becomes possible to hide a few in the garden and treat yourself to gourmet breaks well beyond Easter.

    Ferrero Rocher fans will take the opportunity to acquire two lots (360 pieces) for 111.74 €.

    It is also possible to combine this purchase with another chocolate from the selection of Cdiscount Easter deals.

  • 3 kg Mix miniatures: 

    snickers, Twix, Bounty and Mars: in all this assortment includes around 300 pieces of miniature versions of the famous chocolate bars.

    This will allow chocolate fans to build up a good reserve.

    It is priced at € 34.90.

  • Kinder Surprise Maxi Hello Kitty Egg: Hello 

    Kitty has been one of children's favorite characters for decades.

    This giant egg mixing chocolate and milk hides a toy from the world of the famous little Japanese cat.

    It is displayed at 28 € and it will cost 42 € to make twice as happy.

  • Packed Super Dad and Super Mom mugs: 

    parents also have the right to their treats for Easter.

    They can indeed take advantage of the Cdiscount promotion to buy chocolates for their tribe and treat themselves to these two original mugs accompanied by sweets.

    On the menu: mini Twix, Schoko-Bons, St Michel pancakes and madeleines and Nutella B-Ready bars for € 13.90.

  • Grands Crus Valrohna box: 

    Easter is a celebration for all chocolate lovers.

    Purists will be able to enjoy these 8 Valrohna tablets.

    This € 32.50 box is made up of 4 milk chocolate bars (2 Tanariva 33% and 2 Jivara 40%) and 4 dark chocolate grands crus (2 Caribbean 66% and 2 Guanaja 70%).

  • Kinder Schoko-Bons (225 g)

     : this chocolate candy concealing a tasty recipe with hazelnut chips is one of the favorite treats of children.

    The 225 g packet is priced at 3.47 € and it is therefore possible to order 2 for 5.20 €.

Nothing like the promo code Cdiscount PAQUES50 to stock up on chocolates at low prices.

More than a hundred products are eligible for this promotion which allows you to benefit from a 50% reduction on the second product purchased.

Something to spoil young and old alike.

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