The news of warm hope came from Georgia, USA, where homes and schools were destroyed by a tornado.

On the 29th of the local time, foreign media such as CBS reported that residents are continuing their efforts to recover the damage after a large tornado in the EF-4 stage recently hit Newnan, Georgia.

On the 25th, a tornado with a maximum wind speed of 270 km and a width of 1.6 km swept through Newnan.

The roof of the building was torn off in a violent wind, and the trees were uprooted and fell over the houses.

But instead of being frustrated, Newnan residents healed each other's wounds.

Those who found strange objects swept away by a tornado or lost pets started to help by posting "Finding the owner" on social media.

The same was true of Holly Cannon, who visited Newnan to meet her family who had been damaged by a tornado.

While walking through the ruined streets, Mr. Cannon suddenly noticed something that stood out, and it was none other than a'baby picture'.

The envelope with the photo was tattered, but the baby's name'Mark Horn' and birthday'April 17th' were clearly written on it.

Mr. Cannon posted a picture of the baby on social media, saying, "I hope we can find the owner," and soon there was an explosive response online.

Netizens shared photos one after another, saying, "It must have been a really precious photo for someone" and "I must see this photo return to my family."

The local media also covered the story of Mr. Cannon, who discovered the baby picture.

With the efforts of many, the baby's mother appeared in the picture soon after.

Newnan resident Candyrule Horn left a comment on social media, saying, "This is a picture of my son Mark taken 44 years ago. Thank you very much."

Mr. Horn explained, "It is presumed to be one of the pictures of the baby that Mark sent to his relatives when he was born."

Mr. Cannon said, "I found a picture of a baby like a revelation at the moment when I was thinking,'Will it be okay again?" I feel it."

Mr. Cannon is going to meet Mark's daughter, who is already middle-aged, and hand them a picture.

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(Photo = '11Alive' YouTube)