The terrorist organization Isis, which attacked the city of Palma in Mozambique on Wednesday, has said it has killed a total of 55 people.

According to the terrorists, the victims include government forces as well as foreign nationals, but the matter has not yet been confirmed by an independent investigation.

According to the BBC, one of those killed in the UK is the father of Adrian Nel, who moved from South Africa.

The man’s father and little brother managed to save the body and hide with it in a bush overnight.

As dawn dawned, the duo fled the body with them about 250 miles to the city of Pemba.

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The mother of four, Meryl Knox, tells the BBC that her sons will miss a wife and three children, a 10-year-old boy and 6- and 2-year-old girls.

The South African man would have turned 41 on Thursday, April 1.

- He was a really great father and a great person in every way.

I've got so much grief messages from people who have known him for many years to crack.

And he will be really, really missed, Knox tells the BBC.

- Adrian was just the kind of shimmering light, someone who kept his family together with constant joy and love.

Now we should try to collect the pieces and just hope that we get along well with his wife and children.

According to the BBC, Nel moved to Mozambique in January after losing his job as a professional diver in South Africa due to a corona pandemic.

In Palma, he worked with his father and little brother in the construction industry.

The details of Four's death are so far covered in twilight, according to the mother interviewed by the BBC, but apparently she died on Friday while trying to escape the terrorists who invaded the city.

He had been part of an escort ambushed by Isis' troops, killing a total of six members.

“No army protected them, none of them had guns, so they just had to run for their lives and face these rebels, who are so cruel and barbaric,” Knox says.

Cabo Delgado is home to one of the refugee camps. Photo: Rui Mutemba / Save the Children / Reuters

The four little brothers are scheduled to be evacuated to South Africa on their first free flight.

The father waits in Mozambique until the older son’s body is delivered to his home country.

Palma, deserted after the Isis attack, is home to nearly 70,000 residents.

The city is located in the province of Cabo Delgado, which has been terrorized by an extremist Islamist armed group called Ansar al-Sunna for several years.

The organization aims to establish an Islamic state in Cabo Delgado.

Authorities and Isis say dozens of people have been killed in a coordinated attack described by eyewitnesses.

The number of missing persons is unknown.

Many survivors said they walked through the woods for days to seek refuge in Mueda, 180 miles away.