Prime Minister Suga received a courtesy call from Indonesian ministers who visited Japan to attend ministerial talks on foreign affairs and defense, saying, "A free and open order based on the rule of law will bring peace and prosperity." We sought cooperation in promoting the "Free and Open Indo-Pacific."

Indonesia's Foreign Minister Lutono and Defense Minister Prabowo visited the Prime Minister's Office and paid a courtesy call on Prime Minister Suga before the ministerial talks on foreign affairs and defense between Japan and Indonesia, the so-called 2 plus 2, were held on the 30th.

In this, Prime Minister Suga said, "As the security environment in the region becomes more severe, this foreign affairs and defense ministerial meeting is extremely timely," and signed on the 30th. He expressed his hope that the planned technology transfer agreement for defense equipment would be the basis for further security cooperation.

He added, "I am convinced that a free and open order based on the rule of law will bring about peace and prosperity, and I am promoting the'free and open Indo-Pacific'" from Indonesia and other ASEAN countries. Also expressed his desire to get cooperation.

In response, Foreign Minister Lutono said, "When the spread of infection has subsided and President Joko Widodo travels abroad, he considers Japan as one of the most important countries. To achieve stability in the region including the Indo-Pacific, It is important to promote comprehensive cooperation. "