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A road in Connecticut, USA.

A mother bear and four cubs are trying to cross the road.

When the mother bear first bites one and crosses the road, the other cutely follows.

After a while, one of the remaining two crosses on its own, but the last remaining bear cub, playing on a tree, as if not intending to move.

The moment the mother was about to take the last cub, the bear cub who crossed the road first ran toward her again.

The mother tries to move the two together, but the youngsters don't know that feeling, and they run down the road again, creating a crazy situation.

After a long struggle alone, the mother bear finally succeeded in crossing the street with four cubs.

All the vehicles on the site stopped and waited for the bears to pass by.

In Connecticut, the number of black bear populations has continued to grow since several years ago, and this is a common sight.

Netizens responded by saying, "Children and troublemakers~ It's not easy to be a mother ^ ^" and "Citizens who wait for the bear family to cross over are also wonderful."

(Screen source: Robin Kovely's Facebook)