On the 27th in Myanmar, UN officials blamed the army one after another after the crackdown on the army killed more than 100 civilians.

US President Joe Biden has revealed that he is considering additional sanctions on Myanmar, and the focus is on the response of the international community as things get worse.

In Myanmar, security forces fired daily at civilians protesting a military coup, causing many casualties, and according to local human rights groups, 114 people died on the 27th, the most casualties of the day. It was.

In response, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Bachelet and Special Adviser Nuderitu, who is in charge of preventing genocide, issued a joint statement on the 28th.

The statement called for the international community to act immediately, calling for the killing of civilians to be stopped, saying that "Myanmar's military and police actions are sneaky, barbaric and shameful."

"It is the Security Council's job to deal with the atrocities of the Myanmar military. We should urgently draft a resolution and vote on it," UN Special Rapporteur Andrews, who examines the human rights situation in Myanmar, told Twitter. In his post, the Security Council expressed the idea that it should aim to adopt a resolution that includes economic sanctions on the Myanmar military and a ban on weapons.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden said, "There is something terrible happening," and said that the US government is considering additional sanctions on Myanmar.

The focus is on how the international community will respond as the situation in Myanmar worsens.