Kim Sang-jo, head of the Blue House Policy Officer, who has been in charge of the government's real estate policy, was hardened today (29th).

This is because it was revealed yesterday that the deposit for rent for apartments in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, which he was paying for, was raised significantly just before the law that prevented the increase of rents by more than 5% last year.

Director Kim Sang-jo apologized for being very disappointed to the people and apologizing.

This is the first news, reporter Kang Cheong-wan.


Kim Sang-jo, head of the Blue House Policy Officer, went down without notice this morning.

It's been one day since the report that Mr. Kim greatly increased his apartment jeonse deposit before the 3rd Lease Act, including the introduction of the ceiling system for rent and rent last year, was introduced.

[Kim Sang-jo/Cheongwadae Policy Officer: We are very sorry that we are very disappointed to the people at this critical time when we have to put all our efforts to eradicate real estate speculation.]

On July 29, last year, on July 29, Mr. The deposit for rent for apartments has been raised from 850 million won to 970 million won.

After the enforcement of the law, the deposit for jeonse, which can only be raised up to 5%, was increased by 14.1% two days before the enforcement.

Kim explained that the deposit for a chartered apartment in Geumho-dong, Seoul, where he lives now, was inevitably raised, but there was criticism that he was acting as a ‘naro-nambul’ as the current government policy command tower.

A senior Cheong Wa Dae official said that Kim expressed his appreciation to President Yoo Young-min last night, and said that he would resign directly to President Moon Jae-in this morning.

Mr. Kim, a former professor of economics, took the lead in chaebol reform activities in the Participation Solidarity, and was called the chaebol mortal.

Kim, who was appointed as the head of the Blue House Policy Office in June of last year after serving as the first president of the current government's Fair Trade Commission, has been coordinating key policy issues such as real estate countermeasures.

President Moon appointed Senior Economic Secretary Lee Ho-seung, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Technology, as his successor.

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