Haikou, March 29 (Reporter Huang Yi) The reporter learned from a press conference held by the Haikou Public Security Bureau on the 29th that in response to the recent peaks in the handling of talent settlement business, Haikou police adopted an increase in online appointment numbers and new appointments. Methods such as adding windows and optimizing the process of online offices to ensure that the masses settle down conveniently and smoothly.

  According to the Haikou police, since 2021, Haikou has handled 13,120 people who have settled in the introduction of talents, with an average of 4685 people per month, an increase of 1852 people from the monthly average of 2,833 people in 2020, an increase of about 65%.

  Lu Lingbo, Director of the Household Affairs Division of the Haikou Public Security Bureau, said that the favorable policies of Hainan Free Trade Port, the advantages of Haikou, the provincial capital, in education, medical care, and culture, as well as the relaxed and convenient settlement policies, all have led to a blowout of talent settlement in Haikou. "s reason.

  According to Lu Lingbo, in order to resolve the problems of difficult settlement and long queues for the masses, Haikou has increased the number of online appointment numbers it puts every day from 170 to 400, and extended the time for making appointments for business from one week to two months.

On March 31, eight new pilot police stations of the “one door to all offices” were added to handle household registration-related businesses and set up talent settlement windows.

  Lu Lingbo said that the Haikou Municipal Public Security Bureau has added special windows for talent settlement in the Qiongshan Branch's License Issuing Center and the Development Zone Bureau's household registration window. The city's license centers will give priority to the innovation and entrepreneurship talents and headquarters of key enterprises in Haikou City. Enterprise talents and high-level talents settle in the business.

  Cai Chan, director of the Certification Center of the Meilan Branch of the Haikou Municipal Public Security Bureau, introduced that the Haikou police launched a "postal" service to optimize online non-face-to-face approval.

The masses submit applications for settlement on the Internet, and the police will issue a permit for relocation and mail it to the masses after passing the preliminary examination.

  It is understood that on March 8 Haikou police have set up 6 "Yecheng Convenient Self-service Police Stations" in crowded areas such as Hongcheng Lake and Baishamen Park Police Office. The masses can choose to submit talent settlement applications and identity through self-service equipment. Business such as certificate application.

  The reporter saw at the Certification Center of the Longhua Branch of the Haikou Public Security Bureau on the 29th that the staff who introduced talents to settle in the service area patiently explained the policies and handled the business to the masses.

  Wang Yi, a 28-year-old guy from Jilin who was queuing, told reporters that he had just found a job in a company that does a homestay and was applying to settle in Haikou.

"Hainan has a good climate and there are many opportunities for the free trade port. My wife and I are ready to settle in Hainan." Wang Yi said that his wife is currently in the northeast, and it is convenient and quick to settle down in the form of online approval.